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Genenis Gerber tools

Genenis Gerber tools
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Genenis Gerber tools

  • Genenis
    genesis v9 pcb gerber tutorial
    Automating workflows from customer design to the production floor
    Genesis 2000® creates a seamless pre-production environment for automating processes, from the customer’s door to the production floor.
    Genesis 2000® combines planning, product engineering, and tooling into a single seat, supported by a unified ODB++ database. Add modular integration and an intuitive interface and you have unmatched bottom line results: higher throughput and measurable cost savings.

    Engineering is well armed with numerousdepartments and engineers play the vital role in today’s world. We needengineers to provide solutions for all the commercial, social and technicalproblems. We do understand that find right resource is highly challenging.RELIX has offered with an expertise to identify the right candidates to supportyour business functions.
    ODB++ to Gerber Revision History
    This page contains the summary of odb2gbr release dates, versions and changes/fixes made for that release.
    Version 2.25 Windows 7/24/2017
    Dynamic Text Fix
    Fixed issue where some dynamic texts are not being converted properly. They are tied to V8 ODB++ where attributes can be tied to more than one class of thing unlike the V6 specification which allows only one.

    Version 2.24 Windows 6/21/2017
    Software Updates
    Added "-cir_map_min_cnt:[val]" option to control the surfaces that will be converted to round flash. The default is 100 where if there are at least 100 round surfaces of the same diameter, they will be converted to a round flash. If it is set to zero, the round surfaces will not be converted into round flashes.
    Fixed stackup layer output to NJB (for NetexG).
    Added "-outinfo:[full_path]" option to create an output file that stores stepinfo or steplist and layerlist.
    Added "-netlayers:[full_path]" option to create an output file that stores the list of steps and net specific layers.

    (5) Uses QT for popups.

    Version 2.22 Windows 2/28/2017
    Software crash on Win XP
    Fixed the synchronization error that was causing a crash on Windows XP when the optional argument "-nocopyin" was used.
    Version 2.23 Windows 4/21/2017
    Software Updates
    Fixed text issue where the offset and width of a character is off.
    Fixed barcode issue where the text inside the barcode is off in the Y direction.
    Fixed thermal issue where the spokes were too narrow.

    Version 2.22 Windows 2/28/2017
    Software crash on Win XP
    Fixed the synchronization error that was causing a crash on Windows XP when the optional argument "-nocopyin" was used.
    Version 2.21 Windows 2/15/2017
    Software Updates Ignore invalid lines when reading the netlist or tool list.
    Fixed the issue where conversion crashes as the result of trying to render an empty string.
    Updated the sample code to make use of the progress functions.
    Version 2.20 Windows 9/29/2016
    Software Updates
    Fixed relative path issue.
    Major update for LINUX builds.
    Added Qt based progress. Qt libraries QtCore4.dll/libQtCore.so.4 and QtGui4.dll/libQtGui.so.4 are added in the installation. The library obd2gdx.dll has six new callback functions that need to be defined by programs using the library: NOdb2GdxCB_InitPrgsDlg, NOdb2GdxCB_ExitPrgsDlg, NOdb2GdxCB_SetPhaseInit, NOdb2GdxCB_SetPhaseTitle, NOdb2GdxCB_IncrementPhase and NOdb2GdxCB_IsCancel. These functions are declared at the included header file acs_odb.h.

    Version 2.19 Windows 8/9/2016
    Software Updates
    Added option to disable sr optimization -nosropt (for ODB++ files where child steps overlap).
    Calculate dcode start values on the fly (to minimize the dcode values when there are many).
    Add multi layer selection and combine multiple layers in ODB2GDS.
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    Automation for speed and accuracy
    With the most extensive line-mode command access in the industry and embedded automation tools, you can automate planning, job analysis, editing, photo-tool creation, drill, rout, fixturing, AOI, electrical testing outputs, and workflow management.

    The accuracy of ODB++ contour-based algorithms means high repeatability, improved quality, and complete tooling consistency.
    Output Formats
    Auto Input
    Graphic Editor
    Design Analyzer
    Output Formats
    Multiple format translators let you choose the output device that best suits your needs. New output formats are being developed on an ongoing basis to meet changing demands. See supported formats:

    ODB++ for data integrity
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    Import CAD/EDA data via the ODB++ database. ODB++ contains a range of electrical, mechanical and graphic entities, and multiple attribute capabilities. ODB++ transfers information seamlessly, without sacrificing critical data.
    Serving as a central repository for all Genesis 2000® information and activities, ODB++ is a channel for full interdepartmental integration and improved communications.
    New DFM environment for increased yield
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    Use Genesis 2000®’s powerful Design for Manufacture (DFM) tools to automate and self-check processes, quickly and without errors.
    In just a few hours, you can customize DFM programs for copper balancing, pinhole elimination, soldermask, silkscreen and signal layer optimization, legend detection, redundant vector removal, and line unification.

    End-to-end communications for control
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    Stay on top of every detail and keep your entire team up-to-date with the Genesis 2000® Framework Module that delivers electronic WorkForms, WorkFlows, and Java?based CyberForms and CyberFlows. Cut paperwork while supporting communication between fabricator, customer, and board designer.

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