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  • PCBSINO make single layer, double layer and multilayer Flex PCB, finished thickness can thin to 0.05mm, normally we make Flexible print circuit board at 0.15-0.3mm thickness, the largest application of our Flexible PCB is RF antenna and Keypad. our Flex PCB Flexible (FPC) PCB material, Polymide, Fr4 material are UL certification, PCBSINO can quote & order in 24 hour;
    we can make Quick turn / Rapid Prototype service, PCBSINO -- always High quality FPC for you.
flex pcb

Flex cable

FPC,Flexible PCB,Flex cable,Fast PCB Prototype

FPC Application: Flexible connector,touch panel...Fast Prototype
FPC Thickness: 4 layer,2Layer,1 layer FPC,Flexible PCB,0.05mm-0.4mm
flex pcb

Flex PCB

FPC, Flexible PCB, Flex FPC Board Fast PCB

Flex PCB Flex PCB/FPC Mass manufacturing, Fabrication
Aplication Medical equipment aplication
flex pcb

Long FPC

Long Single-layer FPC Flex Flexible PCB with Membrane

Application: Flex PCB Applied for LCD Monitors
Treatment Carbon/Silver Ink Printing or Gold-plated Surface
flex pcb

Flex PCB

Two Layer Flexible PCB Polyimide Stiffener

Stiffener with Polyimide Stiffener, ENIG Surface Treatment and RoHS Compatible
FPC Carbon/Silver Ink Printing or Gold-plated Surface
flex pcb


MultiLayer Flexible PCB Immersion Silver

Treatment Flexible PCBs with Immersion Silver Surface Treatment
Aplication: LED control boards


  • FLEX PCB vendor in Shenzhen China:
    More flexibility, as the "flexible" name meaning.
    Improved resistance to vibrations and movement; lower mass/weight.
    Small package size.
    Smaller thickness;
    These advantages allows the board to bend to its desired applicable shape. Allows for more compact devices. High tensile strength—can be significantly warped/deformed without breakage. High bendiness—up to 360 degrees. Easier to prepare for harsh environments, and these functions are very useful. The use of flexible flat cables (FCC), which can bend without being damaged, and takes up less space than traditional wires Flexible PCB // Flex circuits there are around 10% PCB is Flexible PCB globally,the biggest aplication for the Flex PCB is on product need smaller size, smaller weight,if there are active bending requirements on your product, then Flex PCB/FPC is your best choice.

Flex PCB Markets Served

  • Markets served:
    Medical - Diagnostic hardware, medical electronics and medical imaging devices.
    Telecommunications PCBTelecommunications - High frequency chip carriers and fiber-optic communication products.
    Industrial and Commercial PCBIndustrial & Commercial - robotics, consumer electronics and LED lighting applications.
    Car and Automotive PCBAutomotive - Camera modules, lighting and other automotive electronics.

Flex PCB application:

  • Flex PCB application:
    Flex and Rigid-Flex circuits gives the ability to design your circuitry to fit the device, instead of building a device to fit the circuit board. They are designed for the rigors of aerospace, medical and military applications, with dependable reliability.
    Flex circuits offer multiple advantages for anyone considering to use this technology in a future project or if you’re trying to decide on re-engineering your current design. Below you will find some key benefits of using flex and rigid-flex circuit technology.
    The application and configurations using flexible printed circuits are limited only by your imagination. flex circuit band aid on head
    Flex circuits are usually designed for situations where:
    a circuit is bent once or a few times during package assembly, and/or continuous flexing is required.

flexible materials

  • flexible materials
    DuPont™ Pyralux® materials have been the foundation of the flex circuit industry for decades and comprise a broad offering of materials used to make circuitry in a wide variety of applications. These materials enable the design and manufacture of increasingly complex circuits for greater functional capacity and miniaturization, while maintaining high reliability through quality and consistency. Pyralux Copper Kapton Substrate 6"x6" for Flexible PCB
    The LF9120R Pyralux is 1oz copper laminated to a 2mil sheet of Kapton film. This material is sold in 6" x 6" squares. This works great for etching your own flexible circuit!
    The Pyralux material can be etched the same as a copper clad FR4 board using your favorite etching solution. When you're all done, simply cut the circuit out with a pair of scissors. The Kapton can handle the high heat required for soldering, so adding components and soldering it all together is no different than rigid printed circuit boards.

    Product description
    Finally, the conductive material you've known you wanted but never knew you could have, its a sheet of flex PCB material! This is the stuff used to make flexible circuits, but raw and unetched. You can treat it just like 1 oz copper clad, etch it with ferric chloride (or other PCB etching systems) or cut with scissors. It may even be possible to laser or CNC engrave (we haven't tried it ourselves but we'd love to hear about it if you get any results.)
    Pyralux is the brand name of Dupont's flex PCB material that's used in cell phones and other small circuits. One side of it's 1 oz copper while the other side is polyamide for strength and flexibility. The material can be manipulated through and around small areas and won't crack as easily as copper tape. Pyralux is used in a ton of consumer-grade electronics and one of the reasons why things like your cell phones have advanced from bulky and cumbersome to miniature super computers.
    Below you will find some resources for flex circuit connectors and materials from industry suppliers. Industry Suppliers
    Flex Circuit Technology
    Shengyi Technology Co. Ltd.
    Ventec International Group
    Tatsuta Electronic Materials

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