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BGA rework

  • Rework (or re-work) is the term for the refinishing operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD).
BGA assembly


bga repair station

BGA rework quick turn-around services
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BGA rework


bga repair station

BGA repair BGA PCB Assembly Services,
express SMT Ball grid array (BGA) devices rework
BGA repair

bga repair

Repair and Warranty Services

Turnkey services BGA,QFN,0201,0402 part assembly
contract assembly X-ray testing, BGA assembly report
BGA PCB assembly

BGA Reball

BGA Reballing Services

BGA populate BGA pcb assembly
BGA assembly BGA reball rework,repair


    PCBSINO offering a wide range of ball grid array rework and repair services that include:
    BGA component removal
    Site Prep
    X-ray or optical verification
    Circuit Design Changes
    BGA Pad Repair
    Trace Repair
    Mask Repair
    BGA Underfill
    BGA Rework and Technical Support Certification Classes

Quick-Turn - BGA Rework/ BGA Reballing

  • Quick-Turn - BGA Rework/ BGA Reballing
    SMD BGA rework reballing:
    Our shortest turnaround-Time for BGA Rework/Reballing Services is within 24 Hrs. we have well qualified technician with most knowledgeable and extensive expertise, by utilizing various PCB rework techniques, methods and processes in printed circuit board repair and BGA replacement, reballing, trace repair and wire additions. Our outstanding rework quality and extremely quick turn-around services have been well appreciated by our customers, especially the top ranking CPU and networking OEM companies.
    Engineering change order
    We can cost effectively and quickly reball a single BGA or at volume. We are also capable of reworking precision complex components such as shown below:
    BGA Rework Services
    Any type of land grid array package and/or socket, including PBGA, CBGA, CCGA, High I/O FCBGA, IBM Hyper-BGA, m-SMD, LGA, etc.
    CSP rework
    Removal and placement

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