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Custom PCBA Rapid Prototyping

Cheap and Fast!! Customer electronic product rapid prototyping
Custom PCBA circuit board assembly, Prototype electronic manufacturing
Consumer Fast Prototype PCBA, Shenzhen, China/USA/UK/India/South Africa

Custom circuit board prototyping

  • Cheap and Fast!! QUICK TURN Prototype PCB assembly electronic manufacturing
    We assemble your prototype PCBs with SMT and/or THT components at very attractive prices for component counts of 1 or more.

    We perform the preparation tasks for PCB assembly while we are producing your PCBs. Generate a convenient online price quotation and order PCB fabrication and assembly in a single operation for your prototype PCBs.

    components assembled on your boards. SMT or Thru-hole. All devices handled: BGAs, QFNs etc. Consigned or Turnkey.
custom pcb prototyping

SMD components

SMT assembly, PCB prototype

Part Sourcing SMD part procurement
Part sourcing Digikey/Mouser/RS/Farnell/...
custom pcb prototyping

THT part

Through hole part assembly

THT part THT part procurement
part sourcing Digikey/Mouser/RS/Farnell/...
custom pcb prototyping

PCBA Prototype

PCBA rapid prototyping, Turnkey

Fast prototype customer circuit board building
custom PCBA Custom PCB prototyping, pcb assembly
custom pcb prototyping


Rapid prototype electronic manufacturing

SMT assembly custom PCB/PCBA prototype SMD assembly
Debug custom PCB prototype assembly and debug
custom pcb prototyping


customer circuit board prototype research

development custom pcba circuit development
Debug custom PCB building and debug

Cheap and Fast!! Components part procurement base on customer BOM list

    We process components supplied by you as well as components purchased for you. If you want to assemble particular components at your side, this is ok for us - simply note this in the corresponding BOM for your project in the box "Place_YES/NO".

    The components that you supply should better delivered in a dry condition (see IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D; IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1) and be adequately labelled. Please use the component designaters that are also entered on your bill of material (BOM).

    For components to be ordered for you, we require suitable ordering information such as the supplier part number and order number. Please ensure that your components are delivered in the stipulated machine-compatible production packaging, otherwise we will be unable to accept for pick and place machine.

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com