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Circuit Board Repair Services

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Conforming to ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. All sites are ISO 13485 or TS 16949 certified to accommodate specific industry needs.

Printed circuit board repair and rework services with fast turnaround.
Board Level Repair.
PCBSINO can perform a vast array of PCB repair services. repair any physical or electronical damage done to the board, whether it be flex, rigid both for assemblied circuit boards as well as unpopulated boards.

PCBSINO PCB assembly electronic manufacturing
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PCBA repair and rework

PCBSINO PCB repair services is performed by our top notch group of PCB artisans who have been performing PCB repair services for many years.

the repair team can add new test pads that were forgotten in the board layout, repair mask that was damaged when the BGA was removed from the board or when a barrel was ripped out of a board while removing a component.