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PCB circuit design engineering services, circuit debug

Product Development Services, fast prototyping
electronics engineers specialize in the design and development of circuits
electrical/electronic equipment repair services

complete Electronic circuit design

  • Product Development Services

    PCBSINO design team has the capabilities and skills needed to assist your product designers at any phase of the product development cycle. We can provide complete product design that begins with a sketch from your marketing group, or we can assist in completing designs your engineering group has begun or we can provide that last bit of DFM advice that brings the product to successful production launch. We are also experts at re-design for product cost reduction.

    Our services include a formal new product introduction (NPI) process, which includes development methodologies: FMEA and DOE, Design for Margin/Test to Failure, and Management Checkpoint Reviews.
    PCBSINO can provide a complete engineering and manufacturing solution. No matter what your quantities, we can produce everything you need and deliver a fully funtioning product.

    All types of electronic hardware design; analog, digital and RF
    Schematic capture
    PCB Design
    BOM creation
    Firmware development
    PC software development
    Prototype building
    Bench testind and debug
    Full turnkey production of finished product
circuit design engineering


PCB circuit design engineering

Circuit debug Electronic PCB circuit debug
development Electronic PCB circuit research and development
circuit design engineering


Circuit schematic diagram

Circuit Design circuit board schematic research and design
Prototyping pcb schematic diagram design
circuit design engineering

PCB layout

High speed PCB layout

BGA Layout BGA, SMT RF product PCB layout design
Tools we using PADs, Altium and capture...
circuit design engineering


High frequency RF product design...

remote control RF remote control product design
Prototyping RF product part sourcing and prototyping
circuit design engineering

LCD display

LCD display board design and testing...

screen display mcu firmware code testing for display
Prototyping prototype board testing, function test
circuit design engineering


electronic test, circuit debug...

development electronic testing and debug, electronic engineering
Prototyping electronic prototyping and testing
circuit design engineering


circuit design, circuit research and development...

engineering electronic design engineering services
Prototyping rapid prototyping, SMT and Through Hole Assembly

PCB circuit Prototyping, Electronic design and development

  • Design & Development

    Our team of professionally qualified electronics engineers specialize in the design and development of circuits for a multitude of embedded and analogue applications.
    We have specialist skills in embedded processors/firmware having developed microprocessor solutions in embedded C for a range of processors that run complex and real time operating systems.
    Alongside this we have developed vhdl code for fpga’s implementing a range of control circuits.
    Analogue circuit design is a key part of the support that we provide

    From initial concept designs can be simulated and progressed through to a bespoke standalone instrument.
    Examples included high speed optical transmitter/receiver circuits, servo circuit for laser intensity stabilization and high speed photo-diode circuit.
    Equipment Repair Service

    We provide an electrical/electronic equipment repair service for the department covering student labs, research groups as well as supporting other university wide departments who do not have the technical expertise or equipment to do their own repairs.

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com