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Metal MCPCB Manufacturing, Aluminum, Ceramic Al2O3 PCB

MCPCB Manufacturer,Metal Core PCB Contract Manufaturing Shenzhen Cn,China;
Aluminum MCPCB Supplier, Al Metal Core PCB Fabrication;
Ceramic Al2O3 Thermal PCB produciton ,Asia/USA/UK/Canada/South Africa

MCPCB Manufacturer, Aluminum Metal Core, Ceramic Al2O3 Thermal PCB

  • MCPCB Manufacturer, Aluminum Metal Core, Ceramic Al2O3 Thermal PCB
    Metal Core PCB / MCPCB
    MCPCB, Aluminum Metal Core PCB, Thermal PCB - all these kind PCB are use a base metal material as the core, the heatsink of the circuit board.
    Base metals in the MCPCB are used for the ability to dissipate heat away from critical board
aluminum mcpcb


Al Metal Core PCB, MCPCB Prototyping

Application: Light board Heat sink
Metal core PCB Thermal PCB produciton
aluminum mcpcb


MCPCB Manufacturer China, Shenzhen

Aluminum PCB: Aluminum Metal Core PCB manufacturing, Fabrication
Aluminum PCB: single side, double side MCPCB, 0.5-5mm or more
aluminum mcpcb

Ceramic PCB

Ceramic Al2O3 Thermal PCB Manufacturer

Al2O3 PCB Very good Heat sink PCB, better than MCPCB
Ceramic PCB Ceramic Al2O3 Thermal PCB produciton
aluminum mcpcb


1-2 Layer MCPCB Aluminum base

Advantage: MCPCB core aluminum and copper have unique advance than Fr4
MCPCB Al Metal Core PCB Fabrication
aluminum mcpcb

Thermal PCB

Metal Core PCB Contract Manufaturing

MCPCB Metal Core PCB Contract Manufaturing Shenzhen Cn,China
Thermal PCB Metal Core,Ceramic Al2O3 Thermal PCB

Advantage of metal core MCPCB

  • Advantage of Metal core MCPCB
    1.heat dissipation
    Some Lighting Part dissipate between 2-5W of heat and failures occur when the heat from a light is not dissipate quick enough; the light output is reduced as well as degradation when the heat remains stagnant in the LED package. The purpose of a MCPCB is to efficiently dissipating the heat from all topical IC’s (not just light). The aluminum base and thermally conductive dielectric layer act as bridges between the IC’s and heatsink. One single heat sink is mounted directly to the aluminum base eliminating the need for multiple heat sinks on top of the surface mounted components.
    2. thermal expansion
    MCPCB core aluminum and copper have unique advance than normal FR4, thermal conductivity can be 0.8~3.0 W/c.K.
    Electronic part and to can reduce crucial areas such as the metal heatsink part.
    Metal Core PCB Materials and Thickness
    The metal core can be aluminum, thin copper or heavy copper or a mixture of special alloys, or ceramic Al2O3 core(this kind PCB is the best for dissipating heat). but normally is aluminum core PCB.
    The thickness of MCPCB base plates is normally 40 mil - 150 mil, but base on customer different request, thicker and thinner plates are possible.
    MCPCB copper foil thickness can be 0.5oz - 6oz.
    3. dimensional stability
    the size of the MCPCB is more stable than insulating materials. The size change of 2.5 ~ 3.0% when Aluminum PCB and aluminum sandwich panels was heated from 30 ℃ to 140 ~ 150 ℃.
    MCPCBs can be advantageous to use for their ability to integrate a dielectric polymer layer with a high thermal conductivity for a lower thermal resistance.
    MCPCB dissipating heat 8 to 9 times faster than FR4 PCBs. MCPCB laminates dissipate heat, keeping heat generating components as cool as possible,this function can beat the Fr4 PCB in many lighting application.

Application of Thermal Pad Metal core MCPCB

  • Application of Thermal Pad metal core MCPCB
    Street light
    Sports light
    Stage light
    Other light that need good heatsink
    PCBSINO manufacture aluminium MCPCB of 0.5mm - 5mm thickness, or other thickness, base on customer request. MCPCB are shaped by punching or v-groving / Routing.
    Aluminium Base metal core PCB are very good Heat sink used for High power lighting applications. MCPCB to achieve long life for very costly High power LEDs.
    PCBSINO MCPCBs are widely used in Street lights, down lights, spot lights, strip lights, navigation obstruction lights, Tube lights, Down lights, Cup lights, Flood lights, drivers etc.

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