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Shengyi, ITEQ Fr4 Rigid PCB Fabrication

Cheap and Fast!! Fr4 PCB Manufacturer China, PCB Contract Manufaturing Shenzhen Cn;
Bare/Blank Fr4 PCB Factory, Quick-Turn Low cost Supplier, SY,ITEQ PCB Fabricator;
Raw Fr4 PCB Mass Production, Fr4, CEM-3, Fr2, CEM-1, CEM-2, 94VO, USA/UK/Canada/South Africa

Cheap and Fast!! PCB contract Manufacturing, single/double side/Multilayer Rigid Fr4 PCB,

  • Cheap and Fast!! China Fr4 Rigid PCB Fabrication,Rigid Bare PCB contract Manufacturing, single/double side/Multilayer Rigid Fr4 PCB, Low cost Blank Raw Rigid PCB Manufacturer,Laminate: FR4 (SY,ITEQ)
    High Density Fr4 PCB, Impedance control Fr4 PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger Fr4 PCB,
    Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper Fr4 PCB,
    Rigid Fr4 PCB, Teflon PCB, Halogen Free PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature PCB), HF PCB(High Speed PCB);Al2O3 ceramic PCB, Fr4, CEM-3, Fr2, CEM-1, CEM-2, 94VO ...
rigid pcb

Rigid PCB

Fr4, CEM-3, Fr2, CEM-1, CEM-2, 94VO, Manufacturer

Application: High speed, RF high Frequency, Low cost Manufacturing
Stack up 1 layer, 2 layer, Multilayer SY,ITEQ Fr4 Rigid PCB
rigid pcb

Fr4 Rigid PCB

ITEQ,SY Fr4 Multilayer PCB, Manufacturing

Application: High speed signal Fr4 Rigid PCB, impedance control, back drill
Treatment: Immersion gold, Fr4 rigid edge also cover with gold
rigid pcb

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer rigid PCB manufacturer

Application: RF circuit Communication Rigid SY,ITEQ PCB
Treatment Carbon/Silver Ink Printing or Gold-plated Surface
rigid pcb

Blind via

2-40 layer, blind via Fr4 Rigid PCB Manufacturing

Application: Intel IC-EST test Rigid SY,ITEQ Fr4 PCB...
Treatment ENIG Immersion Gold, silver, HASL,OSP... surface finish

Cheap and Fast!! SY,ITEQ Fr4 material

  • FR means Fire Retardant.
    FR4 material, it is a glass fiber epoxy laminate material. Fr4 is very commonly used PCB material. A 1.20mm FR4 uses 6 layers of type 7628 Fr4 glass fiber material. The Blue UL/manufacturing logo is print in the middle (the third layer).
    the 7628 laminate include two types of logos: red color and blue color, Red is UL94-V0, blue is UL94-HB. If there are Blue print on your laminate, it is either XPC (phenolic) or G10 (glass epoxy) Fr4; these are older Fr4 Laminate materials.
    Solder mask color: green, black, blue, white, yellow, purple, and matt, etc.
    Solder mask hardness: 6H
    Legend/Silkscreen Color: white, yellow, black, etc.
    Surface Treatment: HAL, Lead Free HAL, Immersion gold, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, etc.
    Other Technology: Gold finger, peelable mask, Non-across blind/buried vias, characteristic impedance control, Fr4 rigid PCB etc.
    Reliability Test: flying probe test/fixture test, impedance test, solderability test, thermal shock test, hole resistance test, and micor metallographic section analysis, etc.
    Wrap and twist: ≤0.7%
    Flammability: 94V-0
    Customer Service Guideline for PCB Manufacturing factory line:
    Quick response, Professional Service & Strive for the best.
    Fr4 Rigid PCB Manufacturing or mass production.
    Fr4 PCB output varieties: 3000 types per month
    Fr4 PCB output volume: 100,000 suqare feet per month
    Customer allover North America (USA - United States, Canada), Europe(UK - United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria), Canada...

Cheap and Fast!! FR4 rigid PCB Printed Circuit Board

  • FR-4, is a worldwide acceptable international grade desination for fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminated. After add copper layer on one or both side FR4 laminate, it become to Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), and this is the non-conductive core materail for normal PCB board. PCB by using FR4 as core laminate is "FR4 PCB".
    Fr4 rigid PCB is used to rigid support and electrical connect electronic part using conductive trace, signal tracks.in some place of USA, PCB also named PWB if there are no extra electronic components was added on.
    Classification of FR4 PCB
    base on number of copper layers, FR4 PCB is normally divided into following types:
    Single Sided (S/S), or 1 layer;
    Double Sided (D/S), or 2 layer, 2Layers, 2L;
    Four Layers (4L), Six Layers (6L), Eight Layers (8L), Ten Layers (10L)
    Board with more than 10L
    or 3L, 5L,7L, 9L (one layer etched)
    more than four layers, normally we call it "Multi-layer PCB". so, we can say only 3 type: Single, Double and Multilayers Fr4 rigid PCB.
    If base on manufacturing technology, normally based on hole diameter, we can say:
    Normal through hole Fr4 rigid PCB (diameter >=0.20mm (8mil)
    HDI Fr4 rigid PCB (diameter <=0.15mm (6mil)
    base on copper thickness, we can say:
    Normal copper Fr4 rigid PCB : copper thickness: 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 2.0 OZ,
    Heavy copper Fr4 rigid PCB : copper thickness: >= 3 OZ
    base on core material, we can say:
    Rigid FR4 PCB: Only FR4, it is rigid for whole board;
    Base on Tg value of FR4, it can be divided into
    Normal Tg: TG135, TG140;
    High Tg: TG170, TG180;
    Base on working frequency (RF) level of PCB, it can be divided into
    Normal: < 300 Mhz
    High Radio Frequency: >300MHz, to 3GHz,or even larger number
    base on board thickness,
    Normal thickness: >=0.30mm
    Extra Thin thickness Fr4 rigid PCB: 0.10~0.30mm;

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