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pcb depaneling,pcb routing,pcb analysis,pcb inspection

pcb depaneling,pcb routing,pcb analysis,pcb inspection

Through Hole or SMT,DIP Wave soldering PCB Assembly,PCBA Populate,

Prototyping Turnkey Solution Outsourcing Shenzhen China

pcb depaneling,pcb routing,pcb analysis,pcb inspection

  • PCB assembly
    pcb depaneling,pcb routing,pcb analysis,pcb inspection,PCBSINO,China

    Expert in Electronic Displays, Fiber Optic Packaging, COB/COF, Wire Bonding, Bondable Substrates, Heat Sinks

    Expert 722421 Expert in RFID, Operations Management, R&D Strategy, Project Management, Supply Chain & Logistics

    Expert 108031 Expert in Chemistry and Instrumentation, ISO 9000, Asbestos

    Expert 716891 Expert in Soldering, Cleaning, Surface Mounting, PCBs

    Expert 722841 Expert in Combustion, Air Pollution Control, Incineration, Permitting, Process Design, Lab/Bench/Pilot Tests

    Expert 722893 Expert in Environmental Consulting - Industrial Wastewater & Process & Hazardous wastes

    Expert 108395 Expert in Plating and Related Technologies

    Expert 107707 Expert in Microvias, Blind Microvia Laser Drilling, Circuit Board Fabrication

    Expert 722172 Expert in Environmental Compliance, Pollution Prevention, Health and Safety, and Fire Loss and Prevention

    Expert 722724 Expert in EMC/EMI, RF/Microwave, Hardware, Firmware, Product Development

    Expert 108292 Expert in Analytical, Polymer, & Organic Chemistry; Process Engineering; Competitor Analysis

    Expert 723560 Expert in Provides consulting and training to semiconductor industry in IC package design and development

    Expert 108017 Expert in Air Pollution Control and Waste Management Consulting Environmental Engineer

    Expert 108131 Expert in Environmental Liability, Legal Interpretations, Construction, and Remediation

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection, PCB assembly

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection, PCB assembly, Electronic manufacturing
    Expert 108334 Expert in Concurrent Engineering

    Expert 108400 Expert in Electrical Insulating Materials, ASTM, Transformer Oil Processes, Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

    Expert 712047 Expert in Wireless Data Transmission

    Expert 108199 Expert in Arc Technology, Plasma Process

    Expert 107586 Expert in Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

    Expert 108104 Expert in Analytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Mass Spectroscopy, Trace Organic Analysis, Pesticides, Etc.

    Expert 107647 Expert in Technical Problem-Solving for Materials and Processes

    Expert 108191 Expert in Electronics Reliability and Testing, Electronics Packaging Semiconductor Packaging, Patent Analysis

    Expert 107603 Expert in Hazardous Waste Neutralization

    Expert 108329 Expert in Stormwater Management, Environmental Spill Containment and Response, Radwaste Packaging and Filters

    Expert 720719 Expert in Mass Spectrometry, HPLC/MS, Ion Trap MS, and LC/MS/MS

    Machine Vision Systems: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection Results (1 to 12 out of 12)
    Serving: All States/Provinces

    JUKI SMT Chip Shooters and Fine Pitch Assembly Machines

    TDK Radial Inserters

    EKRA Solder Paste Stencil Printers

    KIRSTEN Wave Soldering Systems

    VI-TECHNOLOGIES Auto Optical Inspection Systems (AOI)

    ASYS Automation PCB Handling / Laser & Ink Marking / Depanelling Systems

    ZEVAC PCB Solder Rework (Retouch) Systems

    XTEK XRay (BGA) Inspection Systems

    TECHNOLAB Inspection Microscopes, Videoscopes, Endoscopes

    LAVORTEC Sticky (Gel) Flux for Solder Rework

    PCB Assembly Equipment

    JUKI (Japan, Switzerland, Germany)

    SMT Chip Shooters and SMT Fine Pitch Assembly Machines – Lowest Cost of Ownership

    As one of the top three SMT suppliers to the global market Juki has now installed more than 17,000 SMTplacement systems worldwide. All Juki assembly platforms are designed to guarantee the customers the Lowest Cost of Ownership. With outstanding flexibility and high placement rate the machines fit ideally the European market needs.

    Unique innovations have made Juki a technology leader in the SMT industry for almost 20 years. Based on this wide experience the customers are guaranteed extreme reliability with each production platform. Combined with outstanding accuracy and placement rates the machines are suited for all future applications. Each Juki placement module is an important investment into the long-term competitiveness of the customers SMT production.

    To be close to the customers Juki runs its own sales, service and application organization in Europe. Besides the European headquarters of Juki Automation Systems and its direct distribution in Germany and the United Kingdom Juki cooperates with well established SMT specialists in many European countries.

    More than 17’000 Juki SMT mounters sold worldwide ….
    Super accuracy achieved by CAST FRAME (Monoblok D?küm)

    SMT Mounter Models Placement head Placement rate

    Comp / hour

    (IPC 9850)

    Component range

    Placement accuracy PHOTO

    High Speed Chip Shooter

    Quadruple head with multi-laser alignment
    13,200 cph (IPC 9850)

    0201 inch (0603 metric)
    11 x 26.5mm or 20 x 20mm
    ±50μm (3 Sigma)

    High Speed Fine Pitch Assembler

    Quadruple head with
    multi-nozzle laser alignment and
    multi-nozzle vision centering
    (MNVC - optional)
    1 high-precision placement head with
    vision and laser alignment

    12,500 cph (IPC 9850)
    3,400 cph Fine-Pitch (with MNVC)

    0201 inch (0603 metric)
    High-precision head:
    Up to 75 x 75mm or 50 x 150mm

    High-precision head (vision centering):
    ±30μm (3 Sigma)
    Laser alignment:
    ±50μm (3 Sigma)

    High Speed Chip Shooter

    One Multinozzle head with 6 nozzles. Std Laser centering for chip components. Optional vision centering for ICs. 16,000 cph (IPC9850)
    4,600 cph for ICs
    From 10050 inch (0402 metric) to 33.5mm x 33.5mm
    Very high precision
    Cpk >= 1.0

    High Speed Fine Pitch Assembler KE-2080


    One Multinozzle head with 6 nozzles plus one high-resolution head (nozzle). The best highflexibility and accuracy system for very-fine pitch and ultra-density PCBs 15,400 cph (IPC9850) for chips
    and 1850 - 4800 cph for ICs
    From 10050 inch (0402 metric) to 74mm x 74mm or 50mm x 150mm Very high precision
    Cpk >= 1.0

    Ultra High Speed Chip Shooter

    Two quadruple heads
    with multi-laser alignment

    27,400 cph (IPC 9850)
    0201 (inch)
    11 x 26.5mm or 20 x 20mm
    ±50μm (3 Sigma)

    What JUKI means by Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Often when deciding on the purchase of a new SMT placement system, only the initial investment cost and the theoritical placement rate are considered. This overlooks many other factors that make up the overall production cost. Consumables, spare parts and service can be a big cost factor. Such things as changeover times, machine breakdowns and the difference between the theoretical and actual throughput rates significantly affect productivity.

    Maintenance, programming and operator training account for additional personal costs. Thanks to their many years of experience building flexible modular placement systems Juki has gained an outstanding reputation. Data from the market has shown that compared to systems from other manufacturers, Juki clearly provides the highest reliability and lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

    For more details, please check JUKI website

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    TDK (Japan, Germany)

    RADIAL Lead (through-hole) Component INSERTERS

    Refurbished Radial Inserter VC-7C

    Refurbished Radial Inserter VC-21S

    TDK Flip-chip Bonding Machine / Dispenser -- Ultrasonic Gold-to-Gold : AFM-15
    TDK FOUP LOAD PORT (for semiconductor manufacturing) : TAS300

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    EKRA (Germany)

    EKRA STENCIL ( SOLDER PASTE ) PRINTERS --- (Part of ASYS Group) Inline, automatic or offline semiautomatic Stencil Printers all made in Germany

    Very Accurate printing with a Repeatability of +/- 15μm

    Very easy to use software

    Patented EKRA Vision Alignment System (EVA) with patented 2? D Inspection System, allowing also qualified paste thickness inspections

    FREE OF CHARGE “Remote maintenance, service & support interface with software” allowing Ekra engineers to see customer machine over the internet and check the programs, settings, etc. to give our customers highly valuable support and reducing down time.

    Semi-automatic screen-printing machine

    The X1 Series has been developed for areas of application which require optimum precision and economy. As well as these, easy operation, short format conversion times and a great versatility were factors incorporated into the conception of this machine. It is possible to print...

    [ datasheet ] [ accessories ]

    Automatic screen-printing and stencil-printing machine

    Screen printing machine X3 for printing PCBs and flat assemblies with solder paste, glue or arbitrary functional layers. Stencil frames from 350 x 350 mm to 736 x736 mm can be used directly, without adapters and are clamped using pneumatics to the upper assembly. A combination of a squeegee and a flood bar...

    [ datasheet ] [ accessories ]

    X5 Serie
    Automatic screen-printing and stencil-printing machine

    The X5 series provides printing surfaces in the range between 460 x 460 mm and 915 x 610 mm as well as adjustable stencil sizes - without any need for an adapter - between 300 x 300 mm and 1270 x 1700 mm. The printable curcuit-board sizes are equivalent to the processing capacities of most ...

    [ datasheet ] [ accessories ]

    Aegis unifies, within a single system, BOM Management, Process Routing, Revision Control, Machine Programming, Visual Aids, Electronic Sign-Off, Paperless Documentation, WIP Tracking, Quality Data Collection/Analysis, and the industry's most comprehensive Line Monitoring ever available.

    Rework & Repair
    SMT attachment and rework equipment for QFPs, BGAs, MicroBGAs, CSPs, Flip Chips, SOs, PLCCs and connectors. PTH rework and selective soldering.

    Conveyor Systems
    PCB Conveyors, peripherals and workstations

    Stand alone and in-line PCB depanelization routers.

    Pick And Place
    High speed and flexible placers, screen printers, adhesive dispensers, and software solutions for PCB assembly.

    Solder Reflow And Adhesive Curing Ovens

    High Temperature Processing Furnaces
    Forced convection solder reflow and adhesive curing ovens for electronic manufacturing applications.

    Specialized furnaces for wafer bumping, die attach, underfill cure, package sealing, thickfilm firing, brazing, sintering and heat treating.

    MVP Machine Vision Products
    MVP provides benchtop and in-line AOI systems for Assembled PCB inspection. Coverage includes solder paste, pre-reflow,
    post-reflow/wave, and inspection of SMT and mixed technology boards. MVP offers 2D and 3D inspection and state of the art, user friendly, measurement and process control capabilities.

    X-Ray Inspection Systems
    FocalSpot Inc. is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of affordable X-Ray Inspection Systems providing sales, service, applications support and training. Our X-Ray Products include: The Verifier and Verifier HR which feature : Small profile 32” x 34” footprint, 16”x 18” board size capability, up to 90 KVA, 5 micron focus for BGA inspection and measurement and up to 650 times magnification. The Concept FX which feature tube sizes up to 130 KVA, 20”x24” board sizes, 2- 6 axis sample manipulation, 5 micron focus, compact 44’ x 38” footprint , 450 x magnification and 3 imaging processor options.

    SolderMask, Inc – manufacturers, Laser Cut Stainless Steel Solder Paste Stencils, Stepped Stencils, Foil ONLY Stencils, Epoxy Stencils, Short run Prototype Stencils with fixture, Micro BGA and BGA rework stencils, Hybrid Stencils (Apertures Chemically etched and Laser Cut), Relief Stencils / Stacked Stencils, Large Area Stencils (LAS). Biggest one to date is 30.5" x 53", metal stiffeners for flexible panels and is a licensed by DEK to manufacture Vector Guard stencils.

    SUPER DRY, MSD Control Cabinets
    SUPER DRY was the first dry cabinet introduced in many Japanese Semiconductor factories. SUPER DRY is widely used in Asian, European, and American factories. With SUPER DRY, the moisture related defects of IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can be effectively and easily reduced or prevented. And with the introduction of lead-free processes the proper handling and care of MSD will become even more critical. A wide variety of cabinet sizes and shelves and options such as nitrogen purging are offered. Lizem Technologies is the distributor for SUPER DRY in North America.

    Spray Fluxer
    Ultrasonic spray fluxers for wave soldering.

    Semi-automatic Screen and Stencil printer

    The XM is a manual, semi-automatic screen and stencil printer. The sideways guided squeegee traverse and the adjustable squeegee pressure, ensure a constant, high quality print. Simple operation, short conversion times all belong to the application oriented concept. It is possible...

    [ datasheet ] [ accessories ]

    Printed Circuit Boards > PCB Production Eqpt
    1 - 57 of 57
    A P Machinery
    Dealer in used and refurbished bareboard equipment. valuations, auctions and factory clearances.


    ADTOOL Corp
    Equipment & Supplies for the Electronics Industry

    Advanced Automation, LLC

    Advanced West
    Rebuilt PC Fabrication & Chem Milling Equipment
    Santa Ana,Ca.

    Electronic Assembly and PWB Fabrication Products

    BBT Group
    Equipment for PCB Production

    BMS Herbert Haller GmbH
    Seller for New, used and refurbished PCB manufacturing equipment

    Bohan Engineered Design Ltd
    Printed Circuit manufacturing equipment, Tooling system. Multilayer Presses, Drill spares, Press plates, Bonding plates. General Multilayer build equi
    United Kingdom

    Bottom Line Management
    Smart, ROI- Driven Equipment Solutions

    cab Technology, Inc.
    Depanelizers, PCB Magazine, Label Printers

    Canadian Circuits Inc.

    Changshu Huancheng Packing Product Co., Ltd.
    high temperature resistant adhesive tape, polyimide tape, polyester tape

    Chemcut Corporation
    PCB Etching Machinery & Equipment
    State College,PA

    CIF Circuit Imprim?Fran鏰is
    CIF, french manufacturer for equipments, products & accessories pour PCB, assembly, CMS & BGA
    Bagneux cedex,

    Circuit Search China Office
    Human Resource

    Circuitos Impressos 2CI, SA
    Express PCB manufacturer. Same-day, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more days PCB碨. Prototypes and production. Electrolitic gold flash. Fast quotations.
    Montcada I Reixac,Barcelona

    DoveBid, Inc.
    Business Auctions & Valuation Services
    Foster City,CA

    Dow Corning
    Dow Corning Electronics is a globally integrated provider of materials, application technology and services.
    Dynavest Pte Ltd
    Solutions Provider for equipment, material and productivity software for mfg, test, measurement & inspection in PCB/Substrate, PCBA & Semicon industry

    Electronic Assembly Machinery Exchange
    Buy/Sell used & reconditioned PCB assembly equipment
    Lake Geneva,WI

    Europlasma N.V.
    Vacuum plasma equipment for cleaning PCB's, activating flex-PCB's

    First EIE SA

    FlexLink Systems Ltd
    First choice for easier automation
    Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire
    United Kingdom

    HongKong HuaXing Group Co.Ltd
    Supply low cost PCB & FPC
    Shenzhen,Guangdong P.R

    Invint Limited
    Innovative Interconnect
    Nerston,East Kilbride

    IPS Group, LLC (THE)
    Production Supplies, Tools & Test Products
    Flower Mound,TX

    JBC Tools, Inc
    Soldering and Rework Techniques for Electronics

    Kingfield Electronics Limited
    Kingfield Electronics specialises in providing low to medium volume Contract Electronic Manufacturing
    United Kingdom

    Lewis & Clark, Inc.
    Used Electronic Manufacturing, Test, and New AOI Equipment

    Litho Circuits Ltd
    One Stop Shop for all your PCB requirements

    LPKF Laser & Electronics
    Solution providers for PCB production, PCB prototyping & the SMT industry.

    M/S Caliber Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd
    Connect with the future

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    1. Beltronics, Inc. - Needham, MA - E-mail this company
    Manufacturer, Service Company
    Company Profile: Design & custom manufacturer of machine vision systems for printed circuit board (PCB) inspection. Features include format inspection greater than 1,200 mm, sub-micron defect detection & programmable...

    2. Omron Electronics, LLC - Schaumburg, IL - E-mail this company
    Company Profile: A Full Line Of Machine Vision Sensors With Single & Dual Camera Capability & Color, Binary, & Gray Scale Pattern Matching Functions
    Website Links: Online Catalog

    3. Dynamic Precision Tool & Manufacturing - Troy, MI - E-mail this company
    Manufacturer, Service Company
    Company Profile: Manufacturer Precision Tools, Dies, Special Machine Components Servicing Automotive & Aircraft Industries. Specializing In Jig/Surface Grinding, Wire EDM Services, & CNC Machining. Tolerances In The...

    4. Dark Field Technologies, Inc. - Orange, CT - E-mail this company
    Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
    Company Profile: Custom manufacturer of industrial inspection automation systems. Inspection automation systems include camera & vision, retro-reflective & high resolution laser systems. Features of inspection...

    5. Inspec, Inc. - Canton, MI E-mail this company Click to Call
    Distributor, Service Company
    Company Profile: ISO 9001:2000 certified & ISO 17025 accredited distributor of new & used parts & equipment. Measurement & analysis software upgrades including dimensional inspection software, LK CAMIO/STUDIO,...
    Website Links: Certifications

    6. Komax Systems - Rockford, IL - E-mail this company
    Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
    Company Profile: ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of automated assembly systems including stand-alone & turnkey machine vision systems for printed circuit board inspection. Products include electric & electronic...

    7. Tate Technology - Spokane, WA - E-mail this company
    Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
    Company Profile: Worldwide electronic manufacturing services including printed circuit board assembly services. Printed circuit board assembly includes plated-through-hole, surface mount, & mixed technology printed...

    8. Aegis Solutions - Raleigh, NC - E-mail this company
    Distributor, Manufacturer
    Company Profile: Turnkey Engineered Systems & Custom Software For Test & Measurement, Inspection, Process Control & Monitoring & Laboratory Automation

    9. Cincinnati Automation Ltd. - Erlanger, KY - E-mail this company
    Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
    Company Profile: Complete line of standard inspection machines, custom automated inspection systems, color inspection systems, sorting machines, measuring & gauging machines, general purpose automation & test...

    10. Agris-Schoen Vision Systems, Inc. - Merrifield, VA
    Manufacturer, Service Company
    Company Profile: Machine Vision Systems For Quality Control Inspection Of Printed Circuit Boards: Powered & Unpowered, Component Checking (OCR, Presence/Absence, Location & Skew, Polarity, Color). Board...

    11. Indigo Systems - Goleta, CA
    Company Profile: ISO 9001 Manufacturer Of Custom Integrated Circuit Design, Including Silicon Readout Integrated Circuits (ROIC) For Infrared Vision & Telecom Systems & Focal Plane Arrays (FPA) For...

    12. Thales-Optem Inc. - Fairport, NY
    Company Profile: Designs, Develops & Manufactures Precision Optical Equipment. Products Include Zooms, Fixed Magnification Optical Systems, Video Couplers, Confocal Accessories, Analytical SMT Table Of Contents
    SMT Magazine, September 2000 Articles
    View Archives

    Volume: 14 Issue: 9
    September 2000

    New Products
    New Products
    Depaneling Systems from MJ automec USA Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas; Stencil Printer from Automated Production Systems Inc., Huntingdon Valley, Pa; Profiling Equipment from Saunders Technology Inc., Hollis, N.H.; Four-head Placement from Manncorp, Huntingdon Valley, Pa ...

    Selector Roundup
    Soldering Equipment & Materials
    Soldering is a critical step in the SMT process. Because high reliability and throughput rates rely on defect-free soldering, it is important that soldering equipment and materials meet the needs of the assembler.

    Modern PCB Test Strategies
    Design for test (DFT) is not the job of an individual, but a group with representatives from design engineering, test engineering, manufacturing and purchasing. Design engineering must specify the functional product and tolerance requirement.

    Streamlining Production and Device Programming Processes
    Increasing time-to-market pressure continually presents high-volume electronics manufacturers with the challenge to streamline production. Recent advances in manufacturing equipment and processes means that many traditional production constraints no longer exist.

    Modern PCB Test Strategies
    Design for test (DFT) is not the job of an individual, but a group with representatives from design engineering, test engineering, manufacturing and purchasing. Design engineering must specify the functional product and tolerance requirement.

    Effects of Bi Contamination on Sn/Pb Eutectic Solder
    Aternary phase diagram of Sn/Pb/Bi1 indicates the presence of a ternary eutectic composition of 16Sn/32Pb/52Bi with a melting temperature of 96°C. Additionally, two low-temperature binary eutectic reactions — 43Sn/57Bi at 139°C and 43.5Pb/56.5Bi at 125°C — extend into the ternary domains.

    Cover Story
    Technology Drives Process Solutions
    Ultra-small footprint passives, such as 0201 components, are a hot topic in the electronics industry. Existing as a compliment to high input/output (I/O) devices, such as chip scale packages (CSP) and flip chip technologies1, these components are needed for electronic package miniaturization.

    Association News
    Association News
    Attendees to Learn 'State of the Industry' at SMTA International; IPC/NEMI Shop Floor Standard Available for Review; SMTA Sites Hawaii for Sixth Pan Pacific Symposium ...

    B2B Update
    New Team Ready for Online Business; A Data Service for PCB Designers

    PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio
    Book-to-Bill Experiences Slight Decline
    The IPC PCB book-to-bill ratio for June was 1.18, meaning $118 worth of orders for new boards were received for every $100 billed (shipped). The ratio is down from the May level of 1.23. Sales billed (shipped) in June increased ...

    Speedline/Manncorp Partner to Serve Low-volume Market
    FRANKLIN, Mass. — Speedline Technologies' partnership with systems integrator and equipment reseller Manncorp of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., has in mind a convenient method to serve the low-volume, prototype manufacturing SMT market. Under the agreement, Manncorp will sell a variety of Speedline equipment, including MPM stencil printers, CAMALOT dispensers, and Electrovert reflow ovens and wavesoldering machines.

    With the creation of a new office of the president, Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa., appointed two senior executives to operate out of that office. Morton K. Perchick, who continues as executive vice president, and Alexander A. Oscilowski, who was promoted from vice president of strategic marketing to senior vice president, will jointly assume the management of all K&S businesses worldwide...

    Universal Renames Used Machine Division; Glenbrook Technologies Opens Hong Kong Office; Zebra Technologies Asian Office ...

    Mass Reflow Assembly 0201 of Components
    The need to reduce the size and weight of electronic products continues as SMT advances. Size reductions of passive components, coupled with improved printed circuit board (PCB) technology, produces smaller, lighter and higher performing end products.

    Rework & Repair
    Reworking Area-array Packages
    Over the last several years, standard area-array devices [ball grid arrays (BGA), chip scale packages (CSP), flip chip, etc.] have become preferred packages in design and manufacturing. Reasons for moving away from traditional leaded packages include increased input/output (I/O) per unit of printed circuit board (PCB) area ...

    Speaking of SMT
    Outsourcing Trends Accelerate
    The good times have fully returned to electronics manufacturing in general and printed circuit board (PCB) assembly in particular. Communications devices, the Internet, and computers and peripherals are the main drivers responsible for this solid growth and, by all accounts polled, these applications are expected to continue propelling growth for the foreseeable future.

    Speaking of Cleaning
    New Cleaning Agents and Challenges
    This month, we have the pleasure of seeing two new cleaning solvents emerge that will find applications in various parts of our industry. Both are fluorinated materials, so they should be quite mild when used alone but more aggressive with the addition of various other solvents.

    Speaking of Components
    Solder Paste Printing
    In surface mount assembly reflow soldering, solder paste is used for the connection between surface mount component leads or terminations and the lands. There are many variables, such as paste, screen printer, paste application method and printing process.

    Speaking of Manufacturing
    Less Is More
    In several of my columns this year, I have written about decreasing mass inspection in favor of more process measurement. However, some amount of product inspection is necessary and desirable. The challenge is defining inspection frequency if a sampling plan is used.

    Speaking of Materials and Production
    Another Strong Lead-free Candidate: the Sn/Ag/Bi/In System
    My June column ("Lead-free Solder: the Sn/Ag/Bi System," p. 20-22) highlighted the ternary Sn/Ag/Bi system. This month, I will look at a quaternary lead-free system — Sn/Ag/Bi/In. When compared to Sn/Ag/Bi alloys, Sn/Ag/Bi/In offers additional benefits for surface mount manufacturing, particularly by further relieving some reflow process demands.

    SMT Perspectives
    Lead-free Soldering: Short-term Fix or Long-term Cure?
    The implementation of lead-free soldering technology accelerates constantly. There are numerous forces driving this momentum, and while every aspect of the conversion may not be completely understood, there is a natural desire to see a smooth transition.

    Step-by-Step: Cleaning
    Lead-free alloys will change soldering technology as well as the entire manufacturing process, including assembly materials and components. Additionally, this change highlight questions relating to awareness and dissemination of existing information, materials availability, soldering technology, and implementation requirements.

    Partners in Manufacturing
    EMS Features
    Implementing AOI in a CM Environment
    The SMT contract manufacturing (CM) world is undergoing dramatic changes. Many companies are growing more than 40 percent per year, as OEM companies in the telecommunication, computer and other industries divest themselves of assembly operations.

    Board-support Analysis During Component Placement
    Various board-support tooling systems are available for processing, including manually placed pins, automatic programmable arrays and custom-machined plates.

    EMS News
    EMS News
    Communications Drives Southeast Asia; Solectron and Nortel Continue to Deal; MSL Expands in U.S. and Overseas ...

    Component Specifier
    Component Specifier
    As SMT matures and its end products continue to shrink in size but grow in capability, manufacturers are constantly in need of components that satisfy demanding footprint, reliability and placement requirements.

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com