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smt assembly,PCB assembly,electronic assembly,China

Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) SMT PCB Assembly

smt assembly,PCB assembly,electronic assembly,China,

Prototyping Turnkey Solution Outsourcing Shenzhen China

Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) SMT PCB Assembly

  • Contract Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly
    smt assembly,PCB assembly,pcb board,electronic assembly,contract manufacturing, shenzhen, china
    Soft PCB
    Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) SMT PCB Assembly (PCBA) Contract Manufacturing...

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    PCB assembly
    According to customer require to produce The PCBA for safety protection system
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    PCB ultrasonic cleaning generator
    Feature : Simple and compact in construction. Timer function : 0 ~ 30 minutes. ON / OFF... http://www.pcbsino.com........purchasing.com/article/CA6591829.html
    Catalyst Announces Grand Opening Date for Manufacturing Operation in Mexico
    www.pcbsino.com........pcb007.com | Sep 4, 2008
    Catalyst Manufacturing Services announced that it plans a grand opening celebration at its newly constructed contract manufacturing operation located in Tijuana, Mexico on September 18, 2008.

    Industry's First Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors to Offer 10μF-4V CV Rating in Molded 0402 Case Size
    www.pcbsino.com........rbia-subn.com | Sep 1, 2008
    Ednasia.com is the leading Web site for design engineers in the electronics industry. It carries top stories of the day including technological breakthroughs, and product news on a daily basis. Reaching out to design engineers throughout Asia and the rest of the world, ednasia.com is the essential

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    PRWeb: Technology Hardware / Peripherals
    ... as well as detailed case studies from companies pioneering in this market. Juniper Research interviewed 37 senior executives across a wide range of vendors and operators. Whitepaper ...

    Mathews Technical Services, Inc., Contract Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly
    Use outside automated Contract Electronic Manufacturers (CEM) for their high volume assemblies and need the crucial services that a CEM is not structured to efficiently handle.

PCB Assembly Shenzhen, China, Turnkey services

  • SMT assembly Shenzhen, China, Turnkey services
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    SMT Production Equipment
    ModuIar SMT Production solutions for high flexible productions

    Contract Manufacturing
    Microelectronic Design and Assembly From Prototype to Production

    Trueful - PCB assembly
    PCBA / PCB assembly, OEM and ODM welcomed.

    0201 to uBGA SMT placement capability
    Pin In Paste (Intrusive Reflow)
    High velocity forced hot air reflow systems
    In house Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray Inspection systems
    www.pcbsino.com........apsgold.comElectronic Manufacturing
    SMT Assembly for bulk and prototype PCBs-Design and Box build Services
    www.pcbsino.com........e-MicroLOGIX.comFull range of PCBs
    PCB manufacturer in Taiwan High quality and Low cost
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    Product and Order fulfillment E-Commerce fulfillment
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    PCBA / PCB assembly, OEM and ODM welcomed.
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    Used Assembly Equipment, Buy & Sell Browse our current inventory now!
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    Specialized in Smt Nozzle Filters Panasert,Fuji,Kme,Sanyo,Yamaha,Juki
    web.mac.com/smtnozzlefilter /UNIXManufacturing Services
    World Leading Manufacturing Market Get Free Account and Trade Globally
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    A-Z Pcb Assembly Services Provider Directory
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    A Squared Technologies
    Developer of new electronic products. Also offers PCB design and fabrication, PCB assembly and testing and electromechanical assembly.
    www.pcbsino.com........a-squaredtec.com ACD (Automated Circuit Design)
    Provider of printed circuit board (PCB) design and assembly services, as well as training and consultation.
    www.pcbsino.com........acdesign.com Ace Marketing Group
    Specialist in turnkey contract manufacturing services, including wire and cable assembly, printed circuit board assembly and system integration.
    www.pcbsino.com........acemg.com Advanced Electronics, Inc.
    Provider of full service contract manufacturing for printed circuit board assembly and cable assembly services. Services are provided to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
    www.pcbsino.com........aeiusa.com AGILITY, Inc.
    Provider of electronics assembly services specializing in PC boards and full systems assembly. The company also provides functional and in-circuit testing services. Services are provided to the electronics industry.
    www.pcbsino.com........agilityinc.com AJS Controls
    Contract manufacturing firm specializing in engineering services, printed circuit boards, custom assemblies, encoders, plastics and aluminum.
    www.pcbsino.com........ajscontrols.com Amber Electronics
    Provider of PCB design and assembly services, manufacturer of sheet metal chassis, panels, components and electronic enclosures.
    www.pcbsino.com........amberelect.co.uk APL Industries
    Contract manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies and cable assemblies.
    www.pcbsino.com........aplindustries.com APSCO International
    Contract manufacturer of electronic printed circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies.
    www.pcbsino.com........apscoinc.com Arxe, Inc.
    Provider of printed circuit board assembly services. Services are provided to the electronics industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
    www.pcbsino.com........arxe.com Assembly Technology
    Assembler of through-hole and surface-mount circuit boards, as well as "box build" or final assembly services.
    Capital Electro-Circuits
    Supplier of printed circuit boards to the electronics industry, including PC board assembly services, surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole, cable and box assembly services.
    www.pcbsino.com........capitalelectro.com CapTron
    Specialist in through-hole and surface mounted printed circuit board assemblies for electronics manufacturing.
    www.pcbsino.com........captroncorp.com Circuit Center
    Provider of electronic manufacturing services, surface mount technology, printed board assembly and prototyping.
    www.pcbsino.com........circuitcenterinc.com Circuit Manufacturing, Inc.
    Provider of contract assembly of through hole and surface mount printed circuit boards. Services are provided to the electronics industry. This company was capitalized by private
    PCB Assembly Services
    PCB assembly services for electronic components. SMT and PTH, BGA, micro BGA and fine pitch. Shop now!
    www.pcbsino.com........keytronic.com Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing
    Contract manufacturer and supplier of high-reliability electronics, including circuit card assemblies, cable and harness assemblies and ground test support equipment.
    www.pcbsino.com........kmmnet.com KSM Electronics, Inc.
    Provider of electronic assembly services, including printed circuit boards. Services are provided to the electronics industry.
    Light-guided work stations for conventional 'thru-hole' PCB assembly
    Latest dual wave, flow soldering equipment
    Programmable Selective Soldering
    Clean and No Clean processes available
    In-circuit Test with up to 1024 nodes with both functional and boundary scan capability
    Analogue, Digital, RF and Functional test development, operation and debug
    In house FPGA and EPROM programming
    Flying Probe test service
    Design and build verification testing - ESS, Vibration and Pressure testing
    Workmanship to IPC-610 class 3 or MIL STD 2000 equivalent
    PCB Assembly warranty and product refurbishment service investment.
    E.C.M. Inc.
    Electronic contract manufacturer specializing in surface mount technology and printed circuit boards.
    www.pcbsino.com........ecm-inc.net Electroparts
    Provider of electrical and electronic sub-contract assembly services in cabe and wiring harnesses, PC boards and chassis wiring.
    www.pcbsino.com........electroparts.ltd.uk Electronic Manufacturing Services, Inc.
    Provider of printed circuit board assembly, electro-mechanical assembly and cable assembly services and wire wrapping services. Services are provided to the electronics industry.
    www.pcbsino.com........emssiliconvalley.com EURO Solutions
    Provider of contract manufacturing services, cable, mechanical and printed circuit board assembly, wire harness and value-added rework.
    Electronic Manufacturing of Texas
    Provider of printed circuit board and cable and harness assembly services. Services are provided to the electronics industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
    www.pcbsino.com........flash.net Foundation Technology
    Foundation Technology is one of the most advanced and experienced contract electronic manufacturers within the United Kingdom.
    www.pcbsino.com........foundation.co.uk PCB/PCBA Services
    ISO/TS16949 Certified PCB/PCBA Overseas Manufacturer. From Simple PCB to Complex PCBA with Oversized SMT & Plastics Enclosures. US Support Offices.
    Integrated Electronics Ltd. (IEL)
    Designer and contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies, including wire printed circuit boards, equipment racks, modules and prototypes.
    www.pcbsino.com........ielone.demon.co.uk International Assemblers, Inc.
    Provider of assembly services for various products including printed circuit boards, wire harnesses and resistors. Services are provided to the electronics and other industries.

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    USB Network Adapter
    A network adapter with a USB head for collection. A high performace USB adapter for laptops...

    Remove from basket World Fair Int'l Ltd

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    Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services
    OEM/ODM printed circuit and system assembly projects are welcome With chip-on-board wire...

    Remove from basket Unitech Ind Ltd

    COB Die Bonding SMT assembly Leaded-type components assembly lead-free type components...

    Remove from basket Stontronics (HK) Ltd

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    Printed circuit board assembly
    The printed circuit board assembly can be made according to customer's specification...

    Remove from basket Newsmart Int'l Ltd

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    OEM PCB Assembly
    UML Our China factory is located in Shenzhen/China (just next of Shenzhen International...

    Remove from basket Universal Mfg (HK) Co Ltd

    A PCBA made of high quality material

    Remove from basket Zhangjiagang Huajie Electronic Co Ltd
    China Enquire

    PCBA / EMS
    The group, founded in 1978, has over the years developed into a major supplier of electronics...

    Remove from basket DEL MFG LTD

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    Printed Circuit Board
    A multi-media player PCB designed for business to business. Printed circuit board which...

    Remove from basket Glory Star Group Ltd

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    FPC Assembly
    FPC Assembly is flexible, can be crooked and folded FPC assembly is packed with metal...

    Remove from basket Soar Ind Ltd
    Hong Kong
    10 Years Of Turnkey OEM/ODM, Contract Manufacturing and Pcb Assembly Service
    Topscom technology provides complete design engineering and manufacturing services that are vertically integrated with components capabilities to optimize its OEM customer’s operations and time to market. Topscom establishes long-term customer partnerships by delivering the most comprehensive manufacturing services available. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design, supply chain management, manufacturing and repair solutions. Through our culture, our drive and the expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class services to a global customer base.

    Ultra CEMS recruits new Sales & Marketing Manager.
    ... With some 25 years experience selling in the EMS industry, Nick Mair... Ultra Electronics is
    ... awarded prestigious ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation ... Development of BGA under-fill process
    ...As a result of a particular customer requirement, Ultra... AS/9100 accreditation
    ...Ultra CEMS gained the prestigious AS/EN9100 accreditation... Ultra CEMS go LEAN!
    ...we successfully carried out two lean manufacturing initiatives... Additional Flow Solder Capability
    ...we have added a further piece of equipment... Ultra CEMS introduce Selective Soldering
    ...to further enhance
    our manufacturing capabilities... RoHS Compliance service
    ...compliance service for customers effective from November 2005... Ultra CEMS introduces paperless repair
    ...Ultra CEMS has recently acquired i-Base5 software... Emerging as a market leader
    ...Ultra's business growth has been dramatic... Lead Free Demonstration
    ...lead free soldering of a PCB assembly at the Nepcon Trade Show... IPC training at Ultra CEMS
    Ultra CEMS continue to develop their IPC training capability... Flying Probe capability
    We have recently invested in an on-site Flying Probe Test capability... 0201 placement
    Contract Electronics Manufacturer, Ultra Electronics have... Lead Free Soldering
    Weymouth based contract electronics manufacturing... New Web-site
    We are currently developing a new website under the...
    PCB Assembly
    Ultra Electronics CEMS is a full-service contract electronics manufacturer. We offer complete solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB Assembly), utilising the latest technology in both manufacture and test. Whether you require SMT assembly, PTH assembly or a combination of both, Ultra CEMS has the resources to offer you a competitive and efficient service for your total PCB assembly requirements.

    Ultra can offer you the following PCB assembly services:-

    Fast turnaround prototyping - from batch sizes of one-off
    DFM, DFT and DFP first off build analysis
    Flexible, fast change over capability for low volume, high mix PCB assembly
    Lead-Free PCB Assembly
    Vision aligned solder paste deposition Embedded design without hard barriers

    When coupled with the right tools, an FPGA-based platform allows embedded designers to go from development to production without the need for custom hardware design.

    Company details http://www.pcbsino.com........pldesignline.com/202800661?cid=RSSfeed_programmablelogicdesignline_pldlRSS
    ASTOS - Company Profile

    Spur Electron Limited is a privately owned company, located in 8,000 sq ft of purpose built office, laboratory and cleanroom space. The company was established in 1982 to provide specialist Component Engineering Services to the European Space Agency and their prime contractors.

    Company details http://www.pcbsino.com........astos.org.uk/company.asp?id=21

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    Non-Volatile SRAMs offer 20 ns access times.
    news.thomasnet.com | Sep 12, 2008
    Cypress Adds 2-Mbit and 8-Mbit nvSRAMs to Industry-Leading Portfolio of High-Speed, Non-Volatile Memories, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

    5 Tips for better reverse auctions
    www.pcbsino.com........purchasing.com | Sep 11, 2008
    Like their peers in other industries, electronics buyers use reverse auctions as a way to control and reduce cost. Many even view them as as a way to automate the negotiation process, allowing them to "negotiate" with suppliers online in a timely, cost-effective fashion. "In some cases, online

    Remove from basket Shenzhen Soaraway Products Co Ltd

    [17 matching items]
    PCB Assembly
    This PCB assembly applies EMS services with customisable OEM / ODM designs Turnkey projects...

    Remove from basket Mecca Electronic Co Ltd

    [3 matching items]
    Contract Manufacturing Services
    Product Features: Manuel insertion; Soldering assembly; Housing assembly A1. wire Die...

    Remove from basket Circuitone Ltd

    [2 matching items]
    OEM sub assembly parts
    Design and develop OEM parts assembly for our customers

    Remove from basket Promotive Ind'l Co Ltd

    Terminal Block
    Fuse terminal block with VDE/UL approval 2P and 3P PCB terminal block, UL approval 12P...

    Remove from basket Hollyland Co Ltd
    Electronic product design1 PCB design2 Electronic design house3 Product blue print design4 microcontrollor system design5 controller board design6 remote control design7 remote control switch8 1394 card manufacture9 DV TV card10 equipment PCB circuit design11 power inverter manufacture12 3D design13 product prototype PCB debug14 product prototype PCB design15 PCB circuit rebuild16 PCB prototype design17 new product design and exploitation18 circuit schematic design19 hardware design20 software design21 telecommunication PCB design22 PCBA China23 PCB tailor24 product PCB improve25 infrared wireless remote control26 Power inverter27 PCB trade commercial business28 china sourcing outsourcing29 pcb fabrication and supplier30 pcb prototype layout and PCBA31 china PCB manufacturing32 flexible pcb circuit board FPC repair33 pcb layout & rework service34 Sell PCB and PCBA35 pcb reverse engineering36 multilayer PCB37 chinese PCB manufacturer38 flexible printed circuit board39 PCB board assembly services40 pcb board design services41 pcb board layout services42 smt assembly43 electronics design44 circuit board accessories45 prototype pcb fabrication&assembly46 board circuit manufacturing47 electronic contract manufacturing48 cheap PCB49 Pb-Free PCB design&Assembly50 electrical engineering51 china trade52 china supplier53 made in china54 Rapid Prototyping55 assemblies56 PCB Populating57 rc toys58 circuit supplies59 circuit diagrams60 Turnkey OEM/ODM61 ac dc power supplies62 wind power63 battery charger64 power adapter65 rc airplanes66 rc cars67 rc boats68 universal remote control69 transmitter receiver70 remote control caddy71 tv remote control72 pcb factories73 electronic factories74 PCB route75 express PCB76 inventions idea77 electronic circuits78 electronics development79 design engineering80 design firm81 electronics product prototyping82 PCB83

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