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Electronic circuit pcb reverse engineering,China

Electronic circuit pcb reverse engineering,China

pcb circuit reverse engineering China,

Prototyping Turnkey Solution Outsourcing Shenzhen China

pcb reverse engineering Services

  • pcb circuit reverse engineering China
    pcb reverse engineering Services / Electronic PWB circuits engineering China

    Expertise in reproduction of existing
    Printed Circuit Boards and Schematic Generation

    The reasons to reverse engineer an existing circuit board design include:
    1. Files are lost or corrupt with the need to modify the current design.

    2. PC Board is no longer manufactured and replacements are required.

    IST can take an existing PCB or Gerber data and create a complete documentation package required for manufacturing.

    This documentation package includes fabrication drawings, bill of materials (BOM), schematic capture files, Gerber files, CAD design and drill data.

    We can include a prototype and assist in finding the lowest cost and highest quality boards for manufacture.

    Additional AOI Capabilities:

    Check Gerber image vs. PCB image

    Compare Gerber image vs. Gerber image

    Compare PCB image to another PCB image

    PALINDROME is Intercept's state-of-the-art backward-engineering product that allows a layout-driven design to back annotate PCB changes and additions to the schematic. A companion product to MOZAIX schematic capture software and PANTHEON PCB / Hybrid / RF design software, PALINDROME compares schematic and PCB databases and, provides valuable design-discrepancy data for RF engineers and PCB designer teams. Using component and netlist information derived from the layout, PALINDROME allows you to automatically and interactively generate new, logically correct schematics.

    PALINDROME's backward-engineering features are simultaneously user-intuitive and yet technologically advanced. The product enables designers to choose components to add to the board that are complete with company-specific part numbers and other key properties. Designers may back annotate complete design sections to the schematic that include added Digital, Hybrid, and RF circuitry.

    PALINDROME relies on a sophisticated design comparison engine, launched from within Mozaix, to quickly identify component and net differences between the schematic and layout. PALINDROME addresses these netlist differences by automatically updating the instance pins on every placed symbol in order to match the net connections specified in the PCB design. PALINDROME utilizes a company library, or auto-generates parts and symbols on the fly using pin information from Pantheon.

PCB reverse engineering, Electronic manufacturing

  • reverse engineering for product circuit
    By combining PALINDROME with MOZAIX and PANTHEON, users can now forward a schematic to layout, modify the part circuitry on the board by adding new Digital, Hybrid, or RF sections, import an RF section from another database or third-party tool, and finally back-annotate the schematic to match the PCB released for build. Users can also implement a full reverse engineering flow that starts with importing the PCB from legacy data, perhaps Gerber-only recovery, and finishes with auto-generation of complete schematic and library data.

    PALINDROME is now available as an embedded option in the Mozaix version 3.0 release. For additional information about PALINDROME and other Intercept products, contact Intercept by phone at 404.352.0111 or by E-mail at sales@intercept.com.

    PCB Design, Contract Assembly, and Professional Engineering Services
    We're not just any "PCB layout expert", "consultant", "contractor", "artist" or whatever. We are licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers as a Professional Engineering firm. We are fully qualified to work on the toughest and most challenging jobs (and the easy ones, too!). Just ask our competitors if you can speak to their Professional Engineer. Then call us at 888-230-MTSI toll free. We'll put you through to the people who can get it done correctly, on time and on budget.

    We've been laying out complex PCB's for over 25 years. We use the latest high-end software. Our staff can handle unlimited routes and layers, and complex design rules.

    Some of the toughest projects reverse engineering have included 22 layers, mixed RF/Analog and Digital designs, including mil-spec metal core conduction cooled cards rated to 400 G's.

    To locate more information about a specific service,
    try one of these links:

    PCB Design layout PCB Fabrication
    Netlists Schematics
    Assembly Routing
    Custom Electronics Custom Software
    Mechanical engineering
    Component Procurement
    Prototypes DSP Development
    Telecom Development PCB Reverse Engineering
    Electromagnetic Compliance Cost Savings
    Our designs range from below ground in high temperature downhole tools, to the 5 VME cards with 40 TI DSP's that are in the U.S. Navy's Light Hybrid Torpedo, and up into outer space, in the medical experiment controller in the Space Station. This was one of the highest volume surface mount circuits ever flown in space, and it's been on MIR and the
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    ?1997-2007 Intercept Technology Inc.
    As an electronic design automation (EDA) company, Intercept develops the high technology PCB software design applications necessary to create printed circuit boards, hybrids, and multi-chip modules. Pantheon is Intercept's leading PCB / Hybrid / MCM / RF design software. Mozaix is Intercept's advanced schematic capture application.

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    Baldwin PCB Design is pleased to be able to offer the following services:

    PCB design working from your CAD schematic reverse engineering, hand-drawn sketch or netlist
    CAD schematic generation with netlist and BOM output
    Schematic symbol, PCB footprint and parts libraries creation
    Regeneration of existing board designs (reverse engineering) - PCBs can be copied, working from Gerber files, paper or film plots or actual examples of the board
    Updating existing designs to RoHS compliance

    Component co-ordinate files for automatic assembly of surface mount boards (Pick & Place)
    ATE pad position co-ordinate files
    Fabrication and assembly drawings
    Solder paste masks
    Prototype board procurement together with small batch assembly

    How We Work
    As soon as we receive the information necessary to produce a quotation, the price and delivery date for your PCB design is fixed, unless you make significant changes subsequently. Working closely with you, paying particular attention to any special requirements, we design your PCB. You then have the opportunity to thoroughly check the design ¨C there is a choice of paper check-plots, Gerber files, PDFs etc ¨C whichever you prefer. Any changes/adjustments you require are then made and we submit a final set of check-plots for approval. As soon as you confirm that you are happy with the layout we produce photo-plot and drill files, together with any other files required for manufacturing, assembly and testing of your PCB.When companies are faced with the challenge of manufacturing an undocumented and partially obsolete printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with only the PCBA as the starting point, the reverse engineering process can be a useful tool for reconstructing the design and production documentation, thus enabling its manufacturability using available and technically compatible components. There are many challenges for the manufacturer in the reverse engineering process, but following some standard process guidelines will increase the probability of manufacturing success and can indefinitely prolong the useful life of an aging PCBA reverse engineering.

    Careful planning at the outset is critical to ensure that the necessary equipment, tools, software, expertise, and of course, the PCBAs are readily available. Having several boards on hand provides some flexibility and expediency to the process by allowing some parallel processing of the non-destructive re-engineering steps.

    The first step should be the documentation of the components on the board. Access to the various electronic component vendors¡¯ databases (current and previously published catalogues, specifications, cross references, etc.) is a good resource for component types and replacement component part numbers. This identification of components will lead to the development of the bill of materials (BOM) for the PCBA, an important documentation step in reconstructing the production materials needed. Coincident with the BOM development, color digital images of the PCBA should be taken. Detailed images are invaluable in the later reconstruction steps of the board layout.

    Various methods and tools can be used to regenerate the electrical design of the circuit assembly. An in-circuit tester can be used to generate point to point connections, which include generating a net list, and determine some or all of the values for the components on the board. A system such as ScanCad can be used to regenerate the Gerber files for each layer of the board. X-ray imaging can also help clarify point to point connections. These tools are essential for efficient reverse engineering.

    Conformal coating of the PCBA can complicate the task. The type of coating and how to remove it without damaging the board assembly will determine the overall level of difficulty for the reverse engineering process. If the type of conformal coating is not known, observation and testing will help identify the type of coating and the process required for removal. Several removal techniques are available, including using solvents, peeling, thermal, grinding and scraping, and micro-blasting. After removing any conformal coating, component removal can begin. Great care must be taken to insure that the underlying board remains sufficiently intact. Proper use of the right tools and equipment will save the board from damage and preserve it for any remaining analysis.

    Up to this point, a list of components on the PCBA should be available from the BOM. Information gathered from an in-circuit tester and/or x-ray machine will be used to develop the design schematic. With this data and the BOM, one can use any of a number of computer aided design (CAD) software packages capable of circuit design and layout to generate the Gerber file, which is the machine code for circuit artwork. This may not replicate the same layout as the original PCBA and depending on the end application, further design work on the PCBA may be necessary to create the replacement design.Mechanical Design:

    Utilizes AutoCAD? 2-D & 3-D to design, machined or fabricated parts & custom enclosures for electronic equipment.

    Design services include:

    New product

    Conceptual designs

    Assembly drawings

    Part drawings

    Reverse Engineering - Conversion from paper to CAD

    Many printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators and vendors claim that there is no easy way to take a PCB apart, layer by layer. Most boards are made of prepreg with an epoxy resin, a copper-clad surface etched for the circuitry design, patterned solder mask, a silkscreen print of the reference designators, and a finish plating on the exposed copper. These materials are designed to keep the PCB intact and to prevent separation, and to conform to strict commercial standards (designed to ensure PCB quality and reliability) but do make the task of separating the layers very difficult.

    The board must be separated, layer by layer, which requires effort and patience. In some cases, a poorly constructed board can be separated mechanically using a knife and then pried apart (Figure 3-1).

    A chemical application may be needed to help separate the layers without damaging the board. Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK) can soften the epoxy that bonds the layers together. This technique was developed through small sample testing on a modern, well-laminated board. The key process variable was to determine the quickest method to get the MEK soaked into the PCB. One sample was soaked in MEK for a set time period, another was soaked in MEK and then heated to 40¡ãC, and the last was dipped in MEK for a few seconds. In this trial run, it was determined that heating of the MEK helped the PCB absorb it more rapidly. Caution should be taken when working with MEK. Please consult the MSDS. When the PCB is fully soaked, there is not much time before the MEK evaporates and the board re-hardens. This process of delaminating will take longer to work through a thicker board. Figure 3-2 shows the result of this technique.Do you need a PCB design service bureau?
    Does your work bench resemble the picture below?

    You are highly creative. You produce valuable products. You're an electronics design engineer.

    You deserve a competent printed circuit board design shop.

    One as trustworthy as a Tektronix oscilloscope.
    Now that's probably a new thought for you. When you are thinking of a PCB designer and a reliable scope, you might be remembering that that scope came in handy while you were debugging some designer's botched-up artwork. You provided a schematic and netlist, he laid out the board, the board was built and it didn't match the schematic. So you had to reverse-engineer your own circuit to find out what the printed circuit designer did.

    We would like to indicate that that was an untrustworthy PCB designer.

    Now let's roll back the clock. Imagine that you had used a shop whose designers had followed a standard policy which eliminates at least 90% of artwork mistakes by its simple application alone. And as for the other 10%, suppose also that those designers had been trained in and had used good design practices which practically close the door on any possibility of botched-up artwork. Well that would be a reliable PCB design service bureau, wouldn't it? And you could put your trusty oscilloscope to better uses.

    Such are the designers of Golden Gate Graphics. Give us a look. We'll do our best for you.

    PCB design service bureau ¡ª printed circuit board design shop, PWB design services or freelance PCB design services.
    The terms used in the above synonyms can be found in our glossary. The best way to get acquainted with our capabilites is to browse through our web site, starting with our home page . There you will find links to PCB layout and other topics, as well as email links to the principal associates and phone numbers. Service Bureaus

    EMA Design Automation provides this listing free of charge to those looking for personnel and or companies to fulfill business requirements. No association between these contractors and EMA is expressed and/or implied, and satisfactory performance is not guaranteed by EMA. EMA Design Automation does not endorse any of the following companies or contractors.

    These service bureaus utilize PCB design tools such as Cadence? OrCAD? Capture; Cadence Allegro? PCB Editor; Cadence Concept? HDL; Cadence SPECCTRA? for OrCAD; Cadence PSpice?, CAM350? and more.

    Submit your company information to EMA for consideration to be listed on our PCB Service Bureau page.

    If you wish to modify or delete your listing, send an email to PCBServiceBureau@ema-eda.com.

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    Freedom CAD Services

    20 Cotton Rd, Suite 201
    Nashua, NH
    Phone: 603-864-1300
    Fax: 603-864-1301
    Email: sales@freedomcad.com

    Scott Miller

    With 45 designers averaging over 20 years each in the PCB design layout field, Freedom CAD Services, Inc. has more than 1000 years of combined design experience. We have the knowledge and focused attention to detail and quality to support projects of any size and complexity. Our designers focus on customer service in this ever-changing environment and strive to become a seamless extension to your engineering team. We specialize in large complex, rules driven PCB design. Our broad skill-set allows us to support the engineers in translating their electrical schematics into physical board layouts that meet your requirements! We have design capabilities in NH, PA, AL, AZ, TX, KY, CA in the US and Ontario, Alberta, and Vancouver, Canada.

    Allegro PCB Editor; Allegro Design Entry: CIS and HDL; Allegro PCB Router; Legacy: Allegro Designer, Expert

    Training and Consulting; PCB Design Service Bureau; PCB Fabrication, Assembly, or Test; Signal Integrity;

    Fidus Systems Inc

    900 Morrison Drive
    Suite 203
    Ottawa, ON
    Phone: 613-828-0063
    Fax: 613-828-3113
    Email: don.moncion@fidus.ca

    Don Moncion

    Fidus is Eastern Canada's largest independent electronic design services company. They provide hardware, PCB layout, software, FPGA and High Speed Signal Integrity services to clients in telecom, aerospace, industrial controls and medical industries.

    OrCAD Capture; OrCAD Capture CIS; Cadence Concept HDL; OrCAD Layout; Allegro PCB; SPECCTRA; Pspice; CAM350

    PCB Design Service Bureau;

    7core is composed of highly motivated electronics industry professionals with many years of experience in designing everything from the smallest PCB layout to the seemingly impossible layout projects. 7core offers a staff of professional librarians as well as CAM professionals and we have day and night shifts filled by professional designers, allowing us to meet aggressive schedules.

    CAM 350; Allegro PCB

    CB Design Service Bureau; Fabrication, Assembly, and/or Test; Libraries; Engineering;

    911EDA Inc.
    3081 Madison St. #B
    Carlsbad, CA
    Phone: 760-729-9340
    Fax: 760-729-9359
    Email: patrickc@911pcb.com

    Patrick Collins

    911EDA offers high speed digital design including simulation FPGA (VHDL/Verilog, Altera HDL, simulation, and synthesis), and DSP General analog circuits Power supplies RF and microwave circuits Antennas Schematic & PCB Design Circuit simulation, all from within our 2 fully equipped labs. 911EDA has been servicing the San Diego electronic and manufacturing community since 1995. Please call today!

    OrCAD Capture; OrCAD Capture CIS; Allegro PCB; SPECCTRA

    PCB Design Service Bureau; Fabrication, Assembly, and/or Test;

    1057 Maitland Center Commons Blvd PCB Base Material
    The base material a PCB is made of also affects its design. Here are datasheets of some popular materials.

    Arlon Rogers
    Microwave Materials Product Properties Rogers 3001 Bonding Film
    Electronic Substrates Product Properties Rogers RO3000? Series High Frequency
    Electronic Substrates 85NT, 55NT & 55RT Rogers RO4003? and RO4350? High Frequency
    Rogers High Frequency Circuit Materials
    DuPont Pyralux LF Sheet Adhesive Isola
    DuPont Pyralux FR Bond Ply Isola FR402 Multilayer PWB Substrates
    DuPont Pyralux FR Copper-Clad Laminates Isola FR404 Multilayer PWB Substrates
    DuPont Pyralux FR Coverlay Isola FR406 Multilayer PWB Substrates
    Isola G200 (BT/Epoxy) Advanced PWB
    Nelco P95 (Polyimide) Advanced PWB Substrates
    Nelco N4000-13 Series High Speed Multifunctional P96 (Polyimide) Advanced PWB Substrates
    Nelco N4000-2 Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate P97 (Polyimide) Advanced PWB Substrates
    Nelco N4000-2ef Non-Halogenated Multifunctional A11, FR406N, P11 Specialty Prepregs
    Nelco N4000-6 High Tg Multifunctional Epoxy RCC High Density Interconnect
    Nelco N4000-6fc Fast Cure High TG Multifunctional FR408 Signal Integrity
    Nelco N4000-7 Low CTE FR-4 Epoxy Laminate FR406BC Buried Passive Solution

    GE Metclad
    GETEK Product Selector Guide Metclad FV6700 Bonding Film for PTFE Multilayer Applications
    GETEK Product Datasheet Metclad Microwave Laminates Chart
    Metclad Family MHST
    Metclad Family MYIM for Passive Intermodulation Performance

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For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com