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Electronic PCB Engineering,PCB Design,Circuit Diagram

Electronic PCB/MCU Code Reverse Engineering;

PCB Layout Design,Circuit Diagram,Electronic Engineering -PCBSINO;

High Speed Digital Anolog Circuit Design, Prototyping, Shenzhen,China

Electronic PCB/MCU Code Reverse Engineering,PCB Layout Design,

Circuit Diagram, High Speed Digital Anolog Circuit Design

PCB Layout Design,Circuit Diagram

  • professional electronics circuit design
    PCB Layout Design,Circuit Diagram PCBSINO design department: professional electronics circuit design, electronic projects design and development, Product Development and Manufacturing, engineering services firm based in ShenZhen,China.

    We offer end-to-end outsourcing solutions for electronic products design and manufacturing with years experience in Electronic field: PCB design, schematic design,circuit board debug ,MCU Microcontroller firmware system design, circuit board hardware and MCU software design;there are part in our R&D can do some 3D design.
    The Engineer Team have more than 15 years experience in electronics field, can layout the PCB from 1-20 layer,We can sort our product as:

    * all kinds of PCB ,finished product or half finished product design and assemble, for many years experience, we have our PCB design rules;

    * High speed telecom board,differential signal board,RF board,DSP or microcontroller control board,control circuit design and manufacture;

    * all kinds electronic product design,just like:security defend,electromotion toy,motor electronic,electronic gift,PC main board,microcontroller


    * electronics software : eagle pcb, protel, power pcb, Allegro, OrCAD

    Engineer team focuse on Electronic Design and Application Development, like Digital, Analog, MCU Chip Circuit Design and other technology of general interface design engineering.

    We Provide from Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS),Box-Build services and of Customized Electronics solutions,We either undertake an entire project from the design, development and manufacture of the products based on customer's requirements or contract manufacturing such products for customers.

Printed Circuit Design / Circuit Simulation

  • Electronic Circuit PCB Design and Layout
    PCB Layout : Electronic Circuit PCB Design and Layout Description: Imagineering CAD designer, circuit diagram, Information: Printed Circuit Design / Circuit Simulation PCB Layout Multilayer PCB Circuit Design Description: PCB Reverse Engineering / Circuit Copy Information: High Speed / PCB Layouts / Imagineering Engineering: GSM phone WIFI phone CDMA phone develop Description: Hardware and Firmware development Information: RFID WIFI design and prototyping Engineering: product bench board design Description: test bench board design Information: electronics kits Engineering: Bluetooth module and PCB board development Description: Bluetooth application engineering Information: engineering services / high speed pcb design

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