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Electronics Circuit PCB Design Services China

Electronics Circuit PCB Design Services Shenzhen Cn,China;

Low cost Design for Customer and Manufacturing;

EMS/OEM, PCB Prototype & Mass Production,Oversea Outsourcing

Design Capabilities

  • Up to 28 Layers pcb layout design,printed circuit board company
    PCB Layout Design,PCB Design Services
    Design Capabilities
    . Up to 28 Layers pcb layout design,printed circuit board company,pcb design service,electronics consultants
    . Up to 2.5GHz, 3.125GHz, 10 GHz Differential Pairs
    . Blind,Buried vias, Microvias and Via-in-Pad boards
    . Minimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5mm
    . Minimum line width 3MIL
    . Minimum via hole size 8mil (4mil Laser drill)
    . DDR/DDRII 800M/QDR/SRAM memory interface
    . Switch Power Supply
    . PCI, CPCI, PCI-X, PCI-Express, SATA, SATA II, XAUI, ATCA, AMC, HyperTransport
    . High speed high density large digital boards
    . Backplane
    . Probe card
    . Analog, Mixed Signals and RF Design
    . Embedded Capacitance and Embedded Resistance
    . RigidPCB, Flexible PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB .

Partitioning technology

  • Team Based PCB Design.
    Team Based PCB Design---PCBSINO's partitioning technology enables multiple designers to simultaneously work on the same PCB layout design.
    . Team-based PCB Design
    . Partitioning technology
    . Effective use of layout resource
    . Concurrent & collaborative capability
    - True 24/7 operation
    - 100% Manual Routing
    - Reduce design cycle time
    - Minimize layer count
    - Cost savings
    - Flexibility
    Software Platforms
    . Layout Tools
    - Cadence Allegro
    - Mentor Expedition&boardstation
    - PADS PowerPCB
    . Gerber Tools
    - AutoCAD/CAM350/Valor
    . Schematic Capture
    - OrCAD / ConceptHDL/ Protel99SE/ Powerlogic
    Quote Package Requirement
    . Schematic or equivelent netlist
    . Bill of Materials
    . Mechanical Board Outline
    . Suggested Component Placement
    . Preliminary Layout Instructions* (SOW with Electrical Constraints)
    . Product Requirements (Certifications, Standards, etc.)
    . Design Guidelines
    . Component footprint datasheet Deliverable Items Required
    . Schedule Needs
    Standard Deliverables
    . Database
    . Gerber File
    . Manufacturing Files
    . Custom deliverables available upon request
    DFX Considerations
    . DFM: Design For Manufacture
    . DFA: Design For Assembly
    . DFT: Design For Test
    . DFR: Design For Reliability

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