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Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb aplication

Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb aplication
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Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb pcb

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Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb pcb


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Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb pcb

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Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb pcb

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Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb aplication

  • Automobile LED lamp Aluminum mcpcb aplication
    The use of bright LEDs in the automotive industry combines higher safety and life time with enormous energy efficiency.
    Moreover, light design as progress indicator becomes more and more important and automotive manufacturers count on the enhanced visual brand association of the automotive headlights as „brand face“. Our modern module technology offers our customers maximum possible design freedom with efficient use of high power LEDs and the control of the desired light function.
    Our latest achievement is a mounting technology which allows a ± 50µm precise mounting in reference to the chip centre.

    Epistar, through a stake investment in Malaysia-based LED packaging service provider Dominant Opto Technologies, has supplied LED chips to package automotive LED devices mainly shipped to China-based Great Wall Motors, the sources indicated.
    Genesis Photonics has entered car maintenance markets in the US, China and Taiwan and additionally become a supplier of automotive LED lighting for makers in supply chains of Japan-based automobile makers, the sources said.
    However, Germany-based Osram Licht AG will invest EUR1 billion (US$1.086 billion) to set up an LED device factory in Malaysia and this will bring competitive pressure on Taiwan-based LED makers, the sources noted.

    This post will discuss two different type PCB board.
    If you have any about the circuit board LED lights question, please let me know.
    We will update your opinion on this post.

    In most cases the heatsink is the next layer in the heat flow path after the PCB. In some cases there are ways of printing the traces directly onto the heatsink and with that avoiding the additional layer of the PCB in the heat flow path. No matter which technology is considered during the design evaluation, thermal simulation as well as thermal characterization can help to reduce the design costs by reducing prototypes and design re-spins.

    We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and the highest quality products in LED lighting. We work to continuously develop new product lines for a variety of applications.
    LED Lights for all your Lighting Projects!
    We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and the highest quality products in LED lighting. We work to continuously develop new product lines for a variety of applications including Automotive, Home, Landscape, Boating, and Recreation.

    LED Light Strips & Light Bars

    LED Light Strips, Bars, and Modules are great for Channel Letters, Sign Illumination, Indirect Accent Decor Lighting, Large Area Back Lighting, Edge Lit Signs, Under Cabinet Lighting, Display Case Lighting, Cove Lighting, Automotive Accent Lighting, Canopy Illumination, Smartphone and Tablet Compatible RGB Controller and much more.
    LED Lights for all your Lighting Projects!
    We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and the highest quality products in LED lighting. We work to continuously develop new product lines for a variety of applications including Automotive, Home, Landscape, Boating, and Recreation.

    LED Light Strips & Light Bars

    LED Car Bulbs

    LED Household Lighting

    9mm WS2811 Circuit Board PCB With IC for making waterproof IP68 DC5V 12mm WS2811 Led pixel module Light Full Color Spot Light

    US $0.45 - 0.50 / Piece
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    Save $12 With Coupon

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    With Osram led’s every diode can be guaranteed to hit the exact wavelength and bandwidth that are needed for optimal photosynthesis as they are specifically designed for horticulture. For example most led’s are made for industrial, commercial or domestic applications and they measure their drop in output over time based on a short general usage time.

    So for example, a Cree or Bridgelux diode designed to be used in flood lighting or car headlights will drop output considerably when used for horticulture as these type of diodes are only expected to be on for 2-3 hours maximum at a time not for between 12 – 20 hours at a time.

    With the Osram led’s that we are using they are designed to be on for long periods of time and have a lifespan of double a normal led at a staggering 100,000 hours with very minimal drop in output over time of less than 1% per year with our cooling system.
    Ultimate Reflection Performance > 99% Diffuse Reflectivity
    Included in each light engine as standard is M4 MCPET which is the most reflective material available on the market made from microcellular foamed sheets.

    A microcellular foamed sheet is a foamed body that contains air bubbles of sizes of several µm.

    The light reflects randomly on the bordering surface between the air and PET, resulting in excellent light reflecting performance.

    Layers: 1-2 layers
    Finished thickness: 16-134Mil (0.4MM-3.4MM)
    Max. Dimension: 500 *1200MM
    Material: Made to order available
    Finished thickness tolerance: ≤1.0MM ±0.10MM -1.6MM ±0.15MM
    Min. Line width & spacing: 4Mil (0.1MM)
    Copper thickness: 35um, 70um,105um, 140um
    Min. Finished hole size: 0.95MM
    Min. Drill size: 100MM
    Max. Drill size: 6.5MM
    Finished hole size tolerance: ±0.050MM
    Aperture position precision: ±0.076MM
    Warp & twist: 0.75%
    Min SMT PAD size: 0.4MM±0.1MM
    Min. Solder mask PAD: 0.05MM(2Mil)
    Min. Solder mask cover: 0.05MM(2Mil)
    Solder mask thickness: >12um
    Min. Solder mask bridge: 0.1MM(4Mil)
    Surface finishing: HAL, HAL leadfree, OSP, immersion gold and more
    HAL thickness: 1-30um
    Immersion gold thickness: 1-3 micro inch
    OSP film thickness: ENTEK plus HT:0.3-0.5um; F2:0.15-0.3um
    V-CUT angle: 30°, 45°, 60° U
    V-CUT thickness: 0.4-3.4MM
    V-CUT precision:
    ±0.05MM, up & down cut deviation
    ±0.05MM, residual thickness ±0.05MM
    Outline finishing: Routing & punching; precision deviation ±0.10MM
    E-test voltage: 250 ± 5V
    E-test resistance: 10Ω-100MΩ
    Peel strength :288°, 30s ≥1.4
    Thermal conductivity :1.0-4.0W/m.k
    Withstand voltage :AC 1KV-6KV
    Thermal stress :288°, 30s non-layered no foaming

    Not only does this mean more light out to your plants giving a more efficient lamp but it also means less light back into your lamp meaning less heat and a longer lifespan.

    Triple Layer UK Made Rugged and Dependable MCPCB
    The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the most integral part of the led lamp even more so than the diodes themselves as this is the first point of contact for processing the heat from the led effectively.

    We use a triple layer MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board) for maximum strength and heat dissipation with an aluminum base layer, on the reverse of the MCPCB are thermal pads to effectively mate the board to the heatsink eliminating any possible thermal spikes.

    All components are of course of the highest quality and built to last Class 6 components which come with UL and ROHS Certification.
    Strong, Durable and Precise UK Made Optics
    And of course we have our optics made in North Wales just one mile from our base this allows us to have full control over the materials used to ensure that each and every batch is identical and of course reduces our Carbon Footprint.

    Our lens has many advantages over the individual led lens that you see in use in many lamps, these individual lens are generally designed for downlights etc and are not designed to be used for up to 20 hours per day so the materials they use will degrade over time by up to 60% of the transmission rate in tests we have performed.

    Solid sturdy and fire retardant UL approved materials are used to make our optics and our expertise has created a lens with multiple points of control ensuring that all the light output gets to your plants whilst maintaining minimum refraction and maximum transmission over the years.

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    Wholesale-12v WS2811 PCB Circuit Board Square Plate 32mm*32mm 5050 SMD 3 LEDs Lights Full-color Led pixel Module

    US $1.92 - 2.16 / Piece
    Free shipping
    Min. Order: 10 Pieces
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    Wholesale-50pcs Lot WS2811 Circuit Board 1515 Square Plate PCB With IC for 20*24mm WS2811 Led pixel module Light Full Color Spot Light circuit boards led lights promotion

    US $0.30 - 0.33 / Piece
    US $0.45 - 0.50 / Piece
    Free shipping
    Min. Order: 50 Pieces
    Save $12 With Coupon

    Bulbs and fixtures for almost any household lighting application including globe bulbs, spot/flood/PAR, decorative candle, and Can light conversion kits.
    Component LEDs
    Beyond our standard 5mm LEDs and 3mm LEDs, we carry a wide assortment of component LEDs including SMD, blinking, RGB, high power, high flux, and COB LEDs. Additionally, we stock a large selection of accessories including power supplies, resistors, and beam shaping optics.
    Installation/Power Supplies/Misc

    Optical Characterization

    Printed circuit boards are used in many ways in the lighting industry, however we have never seen the industry as active as it is today with the advent of LED lighting. Not only is LED lighting energy efficient, it also produces a fraction of the heat standard lighting solutions create. LEDs also allow for very unique lighting solutions due to their extremely small size.
    As our fastest growing industry, ACT has worked with numerous major lighting companies to provide metal-core printed circuit boards that are that the forefront of heat dissipation technology.
    American Circuit Technology is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and offers co-design and co-engineering services, just-in-time consignment, prototyping and limited series production. The company strives to provide quality products as well as quality services.

    When characterizing LEDs thermally the optical power is a necessary element to consider when determining the real thermal resistance. In order to do so, an optical characterization is executed in the same run while considering optical/radiometric parameters. This characterized LED data can serve as a detailed information source when considering aging tests to see where and how the LED degrades and it is therefore advised to conduct both characterization methods when measuring LEDs.

    What is the normal PCB board?
    Here Allen don’t want to use the wiki definition of the normal PCB board, if you want to see it, please search on google.
    When you unscrew the circuit board and take it out, you can see that the circuit board is a thin piece of fiberglass that has thin copper “wires” etched onto its surface.

    LED light circuit board is different from the normal PCB board
    The first is about construction layer.
    LED light circuit board has three layers, top is the circuit layer, dielectric layer and the thermal conduction layer.
    But most of the normal PCB board, top layer and inner layer were both circuit layer.

    The second difference is application.
    You know most of MCPCB board use LED lighting industry.
    But the normal PCB board can use all electronic industries.

    Singapore based Opulent has over 20 years of industrial manufacturing experience. Whether it’s consumer electronics, computers, telecommunications, automotive and solid state lighting, Opulent offers value-added solutions from ideas to design to assembly.

    PCBs, MCPCBs, IMS and LED assembly and system integration are just some of the products and services they offer and their track record in producing internationally-renown automotive and industrial-grade products is strong testament to thier capabilities.

    Simply put, Opulent helps you shine your light on the world.

    Typical applications
    The customer specific LED modules for lighting applications in the automotive front are used inter alia for high beam, low beam, indicator, bending light, daytime running light, side marker, position light, cornering light, highway light and spot light.
    Especially to mention are here `Advanced Frontlighting Systems (AFS)´, which are head light systems adapting automatically to the present traffic and ambient light conditions.

    Special features
    Thermal management (increases the life time and efficiency of LEDs)
    3-D-assembly of LEDs on application specific heat sinks
    Various substrate technologies possible, e.g. PCB / ceramic / aluminium substrate
    A Design freedom for high recall value

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