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telephone receiver Flex PCB application

telephone receiver Flex PCB application
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telephone receiver Flex PCB application

  • telephone receiver Flex PCB application
    Flexible circuitry is an arrangement of printed wiring that offers certain advantages over other means of interconnecting the components of an electronic system. First applied on military aircraft and missiles, where size, weight and reliability are of primary importance, the circuitry's flexibility allows it to be molded to the shape of a chassis for marked reduction in bulk. Although flex circuits generally cost more than conventional connectors, they nonetheless offer savings in some applications because they are less costly to install. The flexible circuit is also attractive in dynamic applications, those that involve continuous or periodic movement of the circuitry; in such applications, where reliability must be maintained over millions of flexing cycles, flexible circuits have demonstrated excellent performance.
    telephone receiver - earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds

    spool of copper foil and a spool of Kapton
    Now being used in a broad range of civil applications as well as in military and space systems, flexible circuits are produced by combining three materials: an insulating plastic film; a metallic conductor, usually copper foil; and an adhesive, one of several types of polymers, to bind the insulator and the conductor into a laminated circuit. The adhesive is important to the overall performance of the circuit and it is selected with care, taking into consideration such factors as bond strength; resistance to temperature during processing and in the operation of the end product; resistance to moisture, which can create "voids" or defects in the bond; insulation resistance; and the flexible lifetime of printed circuit.
    A new type of laminating adhesive has made its appearance in commercial manufacture of flexible electronic circuits. Developed by Langley Research Center, it is a thermoplastic polyimide resin known as LARC-TPI; it is being used to produce laminates under an exclusive NASA license, by Rogers Corporation's Circuit Materials Division, Chandler, Arizona, one of the nation's largest manufacturers of flexible circuits. NASA has granted a license to Japan's Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals to produce the resin and Mitsui has built a plant for commercial production of the adhesive; NASA is in the process of licensing Rogers Corporation and three other companies to make the resin.

    A handset is a component of a telephone that a user holds to the ear and mouth to receive audio through the receiver and speak to the remote party via the built-in transmitter.

    In earlier telephones the transmitter was mounted directly on the telephone itself, which was attached to a wall at a convenient height or affixed to a desk stand.

    Until the advent of the cordless telephone, the handset was usually wired to the base unit, typically by a flexible tinsel wire.

    The handset of a cordless telephone contains a radio transceiver which relays communication via a base station that is wired to the telephone line. A mobile phone does not require a base station and communicates directly with a cell site in specially designated frequency bands.

    The station-master at Crewe unhooked his telephone receiver and rang up Liverpool.
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    just as he had heard it in the telephone receiver, sounded in his ears the words, "On my honor as a gentleman.
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    One took up a telephone receiver, looked at it blankly, and put it down again.
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    Other details providing rich material for the conspiracy theorists included the identity card mislaid by one of the Kouachi brothers and the telephone receiver not properly put back on its hook at the supermarket where gunman Amedy Coulibaly killed four people during a hostage siege two days later.
    Internet fuels Charlie Hebdo conspiracy theories
    If they get into 4 wheel drives they have this misbegotten belief that they are bestowed with divine right to pass you from the right, squeegee through narrow spaces and if they can accomplish all this while dangling a telephone receiver from the nook of their neck all the better for them.
    Other Side of the Mirror: Driving me crazy
    Gwyn clutched the telephone receiver, breath ragged, ribs closing round his lungs like a vice.
    The days of citizens knowing every policeman's name or Sarah the town operator being at the other end of any telephone receiver may long be gone.
    Community connections go far
    Moments earlier, he had heard his mother screaming and tumbled down the stairs to see her collapsed on the floor, the telephone receiver swinging side-to-side.
    'I HAVE MET THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN HIS DEATH' Son of UFF murder victim demands answers for families hit by Troubles
    is a potty-mouthed comedy galvanised by the appealing double-act of Miller and Graynor, who clearly have a hoot with their foul-mouthed shrieks down the telephone receiver.
    Held hostage in vice-like grip; DVDS
    Holding the black Bakelite telephone receiver to my ear, my tummy fizzed with nerves as the ring tone sounded.
    Hanging on the telephone; Elsie Alexander, 83, didn't know the man on the other end of the phone line, but knew she was falling for him..
    Similar to the function of a telephone receiver, the receptor acts as a sensor, picking up the message from the agonist and transmitting its information, which begins processes inside the cell.
    Finding of long-sought drug target structure may accelerate drug discovery
    I said that I'd prefer not to tell her and as she was about to say something I put the telephone receiver down.

    a) Receiver antenna port. b) Soldered coaxial cable for measuring noise signals.
    Fig. 3: Antenna port measurement setup
    Fig. 4: Noise measured at 880 MHz with zero-span at the antenna port of the mobile phone. Fig. 3 shows the actual measurement setup for measuring the noise at the antenna port and Fig. 4 shows the noise signal observed.
    The noise has a timing characteristic of 20 µs. This indicates that the noise source has a fundamental frequency of 50 kHz.
    This data is important for correlation with the noise measured at the different locations on the LCD using near-field probes. III. IDENTIFYING NOISE SOURCES In the mobile phone there could be many noise sources that generate noise in the GSM frequency band, however, noise from all the sources may not couple to the antenna of the mobile phone.
    The timing information of the noise signals measured at the antenna port can be used to identify the noise source that couples to the antenna [4] - [6]. A short semi-rigid coaxial cable with ferrites is used as an E-field probe to scan regions of the mobile phone LCD module. The advantage of such a probe is the higher resolution that can be obtained due to the fine inner conductor of the coax. This also makes it possible to probe near the individual pins of the SMD components.
    A thin sheet of insulating plastic wrap is placed between the coax and the circuit components to prevent electrical contact of the probe tip with the circuit components. In the phone under test there are five DC-DC converter circuits on the display driver IC and the external components are mounted on the flex circuit. Fig. 5 (c) depicts the components scanned using the E-field and 880 MHz resonant H-field probes. .
    Fig. 5: E-field probe (a), H-field resonant probe (b) and DC-DC converter components on the LCD flex circuit (c). DC-DC circuits 1 and 2 have timing characteristics of 1µs, 20µs and 10 ms (Group 1); DC-DC circuits 3, 4 and 5 have timing characteristics of 20 µs only (Group 2). Noise radiated by corresponding external components on the flex substrate contains corresponding signature harmonics, which makes it possible to identify specific noise source at the victim side. Fig. 6 shows noise measurement setup with the E-field probe. Fig. 6: Noise measurement at DC-DC converter components on the flex circuit with E-field probe. Definition of telephone receiver

    :a device (as in a telephone) for converting electric impulses or varying current into sound

    (b) Group 2 timing. Fig. 7 shows observed noise signatures for both groups of DC-DC converter components. While the Group 2 noise shown in Fig. 7 (b) contains regular 20 µs ticks, the Group 1 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8x 10-4-100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20Time (s)Power (dBm)0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10Time (micro-sec)Power (dBm)020 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200-65-60-55-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15Time (micro-sec)Power (dBm)Noise observed with a timing of 20µs. Part of DC-DC circuits 1 and 2 Part of DC-DC circuits 3, 4 and 5 RBW/VBW = 3MHz 617
    noise contains set of ticks featuring different 1 µs, 10 µs and 20 ms timings. The measurement was done using both E-field and H-field probes, yielding similar results. IV. NEAR FIELD SCANNING TO IDENTIFY HIGH NOISE TRACES To identify the strong noise traces of the LCD driver IC, a high resolution (0.2mm) automatic near field scan of the single sided region of the flex PCB is performed with an H-field probe having a loop size of 8x8 mils.
    The H-field probe used for the measurement is shown in
    The LCD region is scanned by orienting the probe tip in two orthogonal orientations - Hx and Hy, as shown in

    A telephone receiver; the part of a telephone with a microphone to speak into, and a speaker to listen to the person on the other end of the line.

    b) Hy Orientation
    b) Hy Scan Result (a) and (b) show the result of the scanning for the Hx and Hy orientations respectively. From the scanning results, the high noise traces can be identified and compared with the circuit schematic as shown in
    The high noise traces were found to be associated with the DC-DC converter circuits.
    High noise traces identified on the schematic. V. HIGH IMPEDANCE SINGLE-SIDED FLEX REGION Flexible PCBs consist of a bundle of thin traces supported over a thin dielectric material for use in portable electronic devices which require flexibility and bendability of the printed circuit board . To enable the flex circuit to bend over behind the LCD, the region where the flex PCB connects to the LCD driver IC is single sided, as shown in
    This region consists of a discontinuous ground and a relatively dense routing of traces originating from the LCD driver IC. This leads to strong noise coupling among the traces and could also result in noise radiation. The radiated noise may significantly couple to the GSM antenna.
    Single sided region of flex PCB. To test this, a 4.7µF decoupling capacitor was placed between the Vdd and Vss traces, near the IC pins and the noise at the antenna port was measured. Fig. 13 shows location and placement of the decoupling capacitor in between nearby Vdd and Vss traces.
    Decoupling capacitor placed between Vdd and Vss traces close to the LCD driver IC. The antenna port noise measured after the placement of the decoupling capacitor is shown in the
    A difference of 4dB is observed between the noise levels when decoupling capacitor is added between the power and ground pins near the IC pins. Further reduction might have been possible by the addition of additional decoupling capacitors between other Vdd and Vss pins, however physical constraints restricted the placement of additional decoupling capacitors. CX DC-DC Converter X CY DC-DC
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    Special requirements for bonding components of a proposed space system led Langley Research Center to undertake development of an advanced structural adhesive by chemically altering the structure of the linear polyimide to improve its overall characteristics and eliminate processing problems. The resulting LARC-TPI has substantially improved processability; it can be processed at lower temperature and it has good moisture resistance, both of which contribute to preventing formation of voids; and it has excellent adherence to a large number of plastics and metals. Although originally developed as a structural adhesive, LARC-TP1 was found to have special utility in laminating flex circuits and it has other applications, such as a matrix for fiber reinforced composite materials; for high temperature resistant films, foams and fibers; and as a molding powder for void-free molded parts.
    someone holding a flexible circuit

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    And then her face cleared, and she even smiled into the telephone receiver.

    This simple telephone receiver without a dialing section can be connected in parallel to a telephone line. It can be easily assembled on a small vero board or a PCB. A geometry box made in the shape of a telephone receiver will be an excellent cabinet for it. No external power supply is needed, which makes the circuit handy.
    Good Old Anna
    Marie Belloc Lowndes
    A telephone receiver similar to that at the syndicate's depot was within.

    The Pit Prop Syndicate
    Freeman Wills Crofts

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    Lieutenant Rick Reynolds, the admiral's aide, put down a telephone receiver attached to the bulkhead and crossed to the admiral.
    James W. Huston BALANCE OF POWER (1998)
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    flexible circuits used by comsumers t v games calculators and burglar alarms
    In its initial commercial application by Rogers Corporation's Circuit Materials Division it is being used as the adhesive that binds the insulating film Kapton® to copper foil conductor material in the manufacture of flexible circuits; the photo at left shows a spool of copper foil and a spool of Kapton®. In the other photos are representative Rogers Corporation flexible circuits; the coins indicate size. The product line of the Circuit Materials Division spans a broad spectrum that includes flexible circuits for such consumer products as electronic watches, cameras, TV games, calculators and burglar alarms; industrial applications such as display panels, medical instruments, test instrumentation, optical controls and electrostatic copiers; computer jumpers, memories, terminals and printers; aerospace systems such as missiles, transponders, telemetry and avionics; such automotive applications as dashboard clusters, fuel controls, engine controls and pollution controls; and, in communications, CB radios, telephone receivers, telephone switching equipment, pagers and antennas.

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