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LED Backlight panel and Flexible PCB

LED Backlight panel and Flexible PCB
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LED Backlight panel and Flexible PCB

  • LED Backlight panel and Flexible PCB
    Service Details:
    Number of Pieces <100 Pieces
    Running Duration 8 Hours
    Pick and place on led t5 ,led bulb, led street light, led flood light and in led panel light pcb

    Quick Details
    Place of Origin:
    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:
    Beton Tech
    Model Number:
    Beton FPC
    Base Material:
    Copper Thickness:


    These pretty strips of light are plastic diffused backlights, often seen in LCD displays. Normally they're tucked behind the LCD and shine white light from below. Here, we've got the LEDs available individually and they're really cool! Each LED is encased in a 3.5mm thick strip of a acrylic. The acrylic strip is a special type that is very good at diffusing light, so even though there is only one single white LED, it provides near-uniform lighting. The other flat side of the strip has a reflector on it so you only get light from the top (otherwise the backlight would lose 1/2 the brightness unnecessarily)

    You can treat this backlight just like an LED, light with ~3V at 20mA current and you get a pretty shape that you can mask with vinyl or draw over with marker. Gels can be used to change the color. We think these would make great wearables without the need for EL or inverters, they're much brighter than EL and use less battery. The trade-off is these are not flexible at all.

    This particular backlight has a 0.8" by 3" (23mm x 75mm) lit area
    Board Thickness:
    Min. Hole Size:
    Min. Line Width:
    Min. Line Spacing:
    Surface Finishing:
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    Vaccum Packaging and Outer packaged with hard and thick Carton Boxes.
    Delivery Time
    6-8 days

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    4.Quick and fast lead time:
    For Samples:
    1-2 Layers: 5 to 7 working days
    4-8 Layers: 10-13 working days
    For Mass production:
    1-2 Layers: 7 to 10 working days
    4-8 Layers: 10 to 17 working days
    The final lead time based on your PO detail quantity.

    Traditional LCDs use CCFLs, or cold-cathode florescent lamps, as their backlight. While cheap, they're not as energy efficient as LEDs. More importantly, all contain mercury, and aren't able to do some of the fancy area-lighting of which some LED backlit models are capable. Because of these issues and the falling prices of LEDs, CCFL backlit LCD TVs will disappear entirely very soon. In 2013 LG and Sony proudly announced they'd stopped using CCFL backlights altogether, even in their cheapest TVs, in favor of LEDs. Vizio, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, and Panasonic weren't as vocal about it, but none has announced any non-LED-backlit TVs for 2013.

    Most LED LCDs on the market today are edge-lit, which means the LEDs are in the sides of the TV, facing in toward the screen. In the image at the top, the LED strips are above and to the side of this exploded-view of an LCD panel. There's a close-up view here (full article with more images here).

    There are a few models that are have their LEDs arrayed on the back of the TV, facing you. These are less common, though are making a comeback in the form of cheaper, but thicker, mostly low-end LED LCDs. There are a handful of high-end TVs that use full-array LED backlighting in a slightly different way, which we'll discuss later.

    Edge-lit LEDs have a light guide that helps reflect the light from the edges of the TV somewhat uniformly across the screen. They do this with varying success. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's an incredibly well-drawn diagram from that article that shows how these light guides work.

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    Packaging & Shipping
    Vaccum Packaging and Outer packaged with hard and thick Carton Boxes. Frowarder: DHL, Fedex,UPS,TNT.

    Item Type:Advertising LightVoltage:DC6VPower Source:DC5VUsage:led displayModel Number:RA-PCB-60leds/m
    Product Description
    white flexible PCB(no led) for Pixel Panel Light use
    it is used to make our below pixel display:
    Back lighting panel
    Edge lighting for a variety of objects
    Cove lighting
    Indirect accent decorative lighting in commercial and residential

    Ideal for architectural and landscape lighting
    New FLEX-38 E-Z Strip Connectors - No Soldering Required
    Makes use of 2828 Sharp SMD LEDs
    .5" wide PCB for narrow applications
    Flexible circuit board with 3M self-adhesive backing for easy install
    Available in 15 foot reels
    Available in four white color temperatures
    Price/Purchase Information - Contact ILT
    FLEX-38 Flexible LED Circuits Data Sheet

    Back lighting panel
    Edge lighting for a variety of objects
    Cove lighting
    Indirect accent decorative lighting in commercial
    and residential applications
    Indoor reverse channel letter sign
    Do-it-yourself clusters for any lighting project
    Very homogeneous, cost-effective backlights Thermo management ensures suitability for high temperature environments High flexibility to adapt to customer needs
    Make use of 3in1 SMD LED
    Color change can be achieved together with our controller
    DMX 512 compatible
    Flexible circuit board with 3M self-adhesive backing for easy install
    Available in 5 meter and 10 meter reels
    Price/Purchase Information - Contact ILT
    FLEX-48 Full Color Flexible LED Circuits Data Sheet

    Caution! Must be attached to (metal) heat sink for proper heat dissipation.

    Flexible LED Light Strips
    FLEX-38 Circuits in Signs
    Legal Seafoods, Logan Airport, Boston MA (USA)
    (Photo Courtesy of Elisif Photography)

    Sign Association Membership

    Part No.
    CRI (Color
    Luminous flux
    min max
    12" x .314"
    Our Custom Elume LED Light Panel
    (Also know as LED sheet lights, LED wall panels and LED panel lights)

    Our ultra thin, eLume LED Light Panels (also know as LED sheet lights, LED wall panels and LED panel lights) are designed to output a perfectly even, bright, edge to edge white or RGB illumination across the surface of the panel.

    Available in Warm White, Neutral White, Daylight White or RGB our edge lit optical acrylic sheets are custom manufactured specific to the dimensions and/or shapes that your project requires ensuring the most vibrant and uniform output optimized for backlighting your translucent material.

    We invite you to contact us to discuss your project's LED Light Panel requirements with one of our knowledgeable design associates.
    12" x .314"
    12" x .314"
    12" x .314"

    Photo: GTL-FLEX-38-W-6500k
    FLEX-38 Flexible LED Light Strip

    GTL-FLEX-38-W Mechanical Detail:

    FLEX-38 Flexible LED Light Strip Mechanical Detail
    ILT FLEX-38 Flexible LED Circuit Datasheet (PDF)

    General information

    LED panel circuit board
    One of the boards that make up our LED grid Code: https://github.com/rfmerrill/krackrainbow.
    Ideal for commercial lighting. If you’re looking for LED panels suitable for office and retail environments, look no further than LEDified’s LED troffers. Available in 1200×300 and 600×600 dimensions, these troffers stand out due to their simplicity of use, enabling you to plug them straight into a grid.

    Best of all, you can utilise these panels anywhere with a T-Bar ceiling – making them a practical lighting solution for your individual needs. Troffers come in three sizes including the 1×4; 2×2; and 2×4 version for simplicity and flexibility, giving you bright lighting that saves you money at the same time. Light panels can be used in a variety of applications including the office, education facilities, and retail, commercial and even residential.

    Want to know more? We’re Australia’s largest full-service LED lighting specialist; with our very own patented LED products that are sure to not only save you money, but to make your home or business instantly brighter
    DIY Do It Yourself BYO Build your own bright LED Array LIGHT 12V DC PCB KIT
    from http://build-your-own-led-light.com With this kit and instructions and soldering iron you will be able to build your own 12V Volt LED (Light emitting diode) ...

    Making a LED controller (PCB)
    i made last week a video on LED controller (schematic) and today video is about making the PCB .enjoy Thanks for watching and don't forget to hit like, share ...

    Do-it-yourself LED matrix
    Do-it-yourself LED matrix If you need a small LED matrix of a non-standard size or shape you can make one on your own by using a development board, LEDs, ...

    Chinese LED Panel Light, Need I Say More?
    In this video, we take a peek at an odd layout for the circuit board and why it could get damaged easily! Yes, a eBay purchase....of course! :) Be sure to like, ...

    By Paul Knupke - Epec Engineered Technologies


    The best option for even light diffusion across a display or backlit graphic image is now ready to order with the LED Light Guide Panel. We customize the panel based on your specifications and on the dimensions of the graphic you will use. Using a unique dot pattern on each customized panel, it delivers even LED light distribution previously unavailable in a thin form factor. With this fully customized LED light panel, you get the best combination of panel tiling, desired brightness, color temperature, and thickness for your application.

    Applications include:
    Retail Design
    Menu Board
    Fixture & Display
    Interior Décor
    Custom frames are also available for LED Light Guide Panels. See the brochure in the downloads section to find out more.

    Product designers and industrial designers can struggle with specifying backlighting options for custom HMI (Human-Machine Interface) products. Backlighting techniques can be counterintuitive and often at odds with other elements of the user interface design.

    For this article, custom user interface keypads, or simply HMI's, are defined as custom assemblies with arrays of logic-level switches, graphics and other electro-mechanical components used in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications. The user interface is a component assembly supplied to the OEM and is critical to the OEM's end application.

    Examples of user interface end applications include medical electronics, test equipment, communication electronics, military electronics and process control equipment. The aesthetics of the custom user interface design blends with the visual and industrial design of the end application. In other words, the user interface part of the application appears to be integral to the external visual features and design of the end application rather than simply "stuck on" the front of the end application. User interfaces are low profile – less than a 1/2 inch thick.

    Besides the graphics and array of switches associated with the HMI, an OEM designer often needs to add some form of backlighting to the user interface. Backlighting assists the end user in operation of the OEM application or improves the intuitive operation of the end application. Design Engineers should be aware of the types of backlighting available and how the backlighting is incorporated before the user interface design begins. This can cause development delays and additional costs when adding backlighting requirements to user interfaces late in the design process. Backlighting is integral to the design, not an option feature such as choosing between leather or cloth seats in a new automobile. Backlighting decisions are similar to deciding a new automobile must seat 7 passengers before considering a sub-compact automobile.

    Custom Human-Machine Interface with LED backlighting
    Figure 1: Custom Human-Machine Interface with LED backlighting.

    HMI Backlighting Functions

    Backlighting falls into three broad categories:

    General backlighting of all user interface graphics or at least switch legends and icons so that the end user can operate the end application in very low ambient lighting.
    Selective, controlled backlighting showing the end application's status such as operation mode or activated feature.
    A combination of general backlighting and selective controlled backlighting.
    General backlighting provides enough illumination to the user interface graphics so the end user can operate the end application but without being uncomfortable by looking at very bright illumination. Selective, controlled backlighting needs to be much brighter than general backlighting because the selective backlighting conveys information to the end user. End applications in high ambient light environments require high level selective backlighting to be seen. Combining general backlighting and selective backlighting seems to conflicting. However, the selective backlighting illumination level can be automatically adjusted by sensing the ambient light level to modify the selective backlighting illumination drive level to match low ambient light environments. In high ambient light environments, the selective backlighting is increased for the end user.

    Backlighting Technologies

    Backlighting is accomplished using three major technologies:

    Discrete LEDs
    Electroluminescent (E/L) Lamps
    Fiber Optic Lamps

    Discrete LEDs are small packages with an integrated lens and mounted within or immediately behind the user interface. LEDs are available in single colors such as red, green, yellow, blue and white. Color shades between the primary colors are also available. Some LEDs have two different color semiconductor die mounted in the same package with separate drive connections. The two die can be energized separately emitting two different colors depending on which is energized. Both die can be energized at the same time producing a color that is viewed as a color wavelength between the two individual die. For example, a bi-color LED with red and green die will appear orange when both die are energized. The individual die are still only red and green but the eye sees both colors and averages the colors into orange.

    Flex PCB

    Flex PCB is usually customized, specifically for fixed connection area, the production of products and customer installation operations have repeatability, reproducibility, it is easy to install and reduce the cost of installation errors.

    Flex PCB from Taiwan of Kingley Tech

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