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PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, Electronic Manufacturing

China pcb fabrication, Fr4/Metal mcpcb/Flexible PCB
Contract electronic manufacturing company, electronic assembly services
Contract PCB Assembly manufacturing supplier, SMT assembly Shenzhen China;

Customized PCBA contract manufacturer Shenzhen, China, PCB Assembly, as an old PCBA supplier, we have good supply chain, original components part sourcing cost is 30% of digikey

  • Two days by Fedex/DHL/TNT/UPS door to door:
    South Africa
Electronic manufacturing services

Bare PCB

Fr4 pcb Contract manufacturing

Fr4 PCB volume PCB manufacturing Shenzhen China
Cheap and Fast! fast bare PCB prototyping, volume low cost
PCB assembly company

PCB assembly

PCB assembly, Rapid prototype, circuits debug

PCB assembler High speed PCB prototype, Electronic manufacturing
Part Sourcing Component Part sourcing base on BOM list, Digikey...
PCB assembly services

PCB assembly

Contract Electronic Manufacturing company

PCBA PCB assembly services Shenzhen, China
HDI PCB: PCB assembly Contract Manufacturing company
PCB assembly company

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Manufacturing, Turnkey Services

BGA assembly Pick and place machine, Automatic SMT Shenzhen, China
SMT assembly Electronic SMT Manufacturing,0201/0402/0603
PCB assembly company

PCB assembly

SMT assembly services, Electronic assembly

Turnkey assembly Turnkey services, Electronic manufacturing
part sourcing BOM part sourcing, components sourcing Shenzhen, China
Electronic manufacturing company


Components part sourcing services

Quality Control IQC department testing, Electronic manufacturing China
part Sourcing Reputational/Original part sourcing, Digikey/Mouser...
Electronic manufacturing services

Metal PCB

Aluminum Metal core PCB Rapid prototype

Metal MCPCB: MCPCB electronic manufacturing, Shenzhen, China
Metal Core PCB: Thermal conductivity parameter:1.0, 1.8, 2.5...

Electronic Manufacturing Services Shenzhen, China

  • Contract PCB manufacturing;
    Contract Electronic manufacturing company;
    Contract PCB Assembly services,
    PCB components part soldering/welding,
    pick and place automatic SMT Assembly
    Wave soldering Assembly,
    Manual Labor insertion Assembly services
    components sourcing & procurement,
    Cable assembly
    Electronic function test.
    Turnkey Assembly services.

    PCBSINO company advantage: Senior engineer will take care of each step of PCB production from bare PCB production to electronic testing to end product.

Electronic Contract manufacturing Service PCB assembly company

  • Electronic Contract manufacturing Service PCB assembly supplier company in Shenzhen, China.

    Electronic Contract manufacturing Service PCB assembly Provider in Shenzhen, China.
    PCBSINO PCB Assembly has a IPC 610 Class III, and IPC J-001 certified instructor in-house.
    Whether you need Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly, consignment assembly or turnkey material-procurement assembly, we have what is necessary to manage your entire project electronic manufacturing efficiently.
    Our company primary goal of electronic manufacturing and pcb assembly services is to maintain a high level of electronic manufacturing quality control, supporting your project with 100% on-time delivery and excellent customer service.

    PCBSINO is your One-Stop company for Quick Turn electronic manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services. We are committed to providing companies, large and small with the highest quality Printed Circuit Boards, and Full Turnkey PCB Assemblies of electronic products. A Responsive and dependable supplier with 99% on time delivery from Shenzhen, China

    Prototype PCB Assembly company
    Flex PCB Assembly
    Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly
    SMT & Thru-hole Mixed PCB Assembly
    Fine Pitch 0.2mm BGA SMT PCB Assembly
    Auto-Optical / X-Ray Inspection
    PCBA Testing
    Reliable Packaging

Electronic Manufacturing Services Shenzhen, China

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services company
    Focused Market Expertise, Scale and Proximity
    Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) / Circuit Card Assembly (CCA)
    Box Build and System Integration
    Emerging Business Model
    Direct Fulfillment
    Repair and Refurbishment
    EOL Materials Management
    Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Shenzhen, China
    As an innovative PCB assembly company, PCBSINO Shenzhen China, has been a leader in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry for many years serving OEM customers in a variety of vertical markets. By offering PCBA, cable, wire harness and electronics assembly services, plus full system integration capabilities, PCBSINO company Shenzhen China provides its customers a highly integrated environment to move from prototype to volume production in dramatically compressed timeframes.

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com